Philadelphia Eagles 7-round Mock Draft (via Wild_Eagle)

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

So I figured that since I don't really have much to do today that I'd write up a mock draft, this is Pre-Combine, this is my own opinions and I will share my thoughts on why I'd pick the player. This Mock involves no trading, not because I don't think we will trade (because we likely will move up or down) but because it is very hard to gauge proper value for trades and it's just easier and more accurate to stick with the picks we know we have.

Round 1, Pick 4: Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

Luke might be the best OL prospect in this draft and that's only because Chance Warmack is an OG. At #4 the Eagles simply go best player available and grab arguably the best prospect in this draft. Grabbing Joeckel gives the Eagles the opportunity to have the LT of the future in house for when he is needed while also potentially using him at RT and sliding Herremans back down to RG thus improving our line in several ways.

Round 2, Pick 35: Matt Elam, SS, Florida

Matt Elam is by far my favorite Safety in this draft, he might even be my favorite player. Elam will hit anything that's holding the football. The pro's with Elam definitely outweigh the con's especially in the 2nd round of the draft, he is a capable hitter who has the coverage and ball skill necessary to make a difference immediately in this atrocious secondary we've fielded the last few years. Keep in mind that Elams issues are basically wrapping up when he tackles, that can be taught, the effort is there 100% of the time, he's basically Coleman with athletic ability.

Round 3, Pick 67: Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State

I like Poyer, I feel he will be available right around our 3rd round pick. Jordan is a guy who's always around the ball and while he may not be a day 1 starter I'd give him as good of a chance as any CB in this draft class to make an immediate impact. At 6'0 and 187lbs he's not exactly small but he's not ideal size, but what he lacks in stature he makes up with turnovers and effort plays. Poyer could honestly be the steal of the draft and will likely drop due to his size.

Round 4, Pick 98: Jon Bostic, ILB, Florida

The reason why I chose Bostic here is that when he played well he looked like a top pick, however he seemed to get lost and never really solidified himself as a top player. I do think that Bostic has the tools and ability to become a great LB, and I feel like he could be the guy to come in and learn behind Ryans and eventually success him. There's no doubt in my mind that we need a replacement in the pipeline for Ryans and Bostic at 6'1 and 240lbs would be a great fit.

Round 5, Pick 129: Marc Anthony, CB, California

I like Anthony because he seems to be a hard nosed player who will come up and play the run, at 6'0 and 200lbs he's not exactly a shrimp either. I could actually see him being a project CB or FS because of his size and ability. Anthony is pretty much a late round developmental guy who I feel has enough ability to be a quality ST player and backup.

Round 7, Pick 194: Cornelius Washington, OLB (3-4), Georgia

Washington has the prototypical size for a 3-4 (Or 4-3 under) SAM LB, think about a guy who's 6'4 and 268lbs, he's bigger than Ahmad Brooks but a little less athletic. Being that he's a late round pick I honestly wouldn't count on him being able to develop into anything other than a backup in the NFL, however he does interest me as a player who can come out of nowhere.

Round 7, Pick 196: Denard Robinson, QB/WR/RB/KR, Michigan

Honestly this is a flyer pick, you pick the speedster out of Michigan hoping that you can squeeze anything you can out of him that you can. Whether its as a kick returner, wide receiver, running back or quarterback he should be able to give you some big plays. Robinson is a guy who likely won't be anything special but for a 7th round pick you have to at least take a shot at it much like the Eagles did a year ago with Bryce Brown.

Round 7, Pick 214: Tyrann Mathieu, CB/S/KR, LSU

Once again this is a guy you just take a late round shot at and hope he pans out, much like Brown he missed some of his college football after he got kicked off the team and sat out in the hopes of getting into the NFL. The thing with Mathieu is that he's a football player, he's a guy who's in the right spot at the right time and that will bode well for the guy when he makes the jump to the NFL.

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