Mock Draft/FA

After doing a ton of research on the Billy Davis hire and the type of defense he runs and some more research on the unpredictable Chip Kelly, I decided to do a mock draft/free agency. Typically I wait until after Free Agency to start putting out mock drafts again (usually do a mock offseason or two during final weeks of season).

--- Free Agency ---

Cuts -

Nnamdi Asomugha - I don't think he'll be willing to restructure his contract, and Billy Davis prefers CBs with a little bit of speed to them.

Daryl Tapp - I just don't see a spot for him in a 3-4/4-3 Under defense. Gives us even more cap to the 15m we have currently as well.

Riley Cooper - I believe he has indeed stepped up this year, but not enough. This will be subtraction by addition later in the post.

Resign -

Colt Anderson - Showed he can play some backup safety if need be, but more importantly, he is a force on ST's and he need that these days.

DRC - Doesn't Really Care will come back, cheap, because he knows how much he sucked last year, and his best year of his career was with Billy Davis as his DC. Not at all worth the franchise tag.

Akeem Jordan - Another special teamer

Jon Dorenbos - Long snappers aren't a dime a dozen.

Signings -

Dashon Goldson - FS - Both safeties need to be upgraded, that's obvious. Goldson has been nothing but all-pro the last couple years and is young enough to continue to do so. We need a playmaker in our secondary and he'll offer that. Worth the price.

Jasper Brinkley - ILB - Cheap ILB depth, can also compete for second ILB starting position

Shaun Cody - NT - We have no NT's unless you want to consider Dixon. Cody is getting up there in age and can come very cheap.

Brandon Moore - OG - Much needed OL depth, I believe he can come very cheap as well

Brandon Myers - TE - Celek needs competition, and our offense will need a legit vertical threat with Chip Kellys offense. Myers is coming off a quietly great year being Carson Palmers favorite target

Trades -

Number 4 overall pick with San Diego for 11th overall and 45th overall pick. Value Chart - Pick 4 is worth 1800, picks 11 and 45 are worth a total of 1700. We are loosing a little bit, but many teams will find the value in later rounds. San Diego needs offensive line help horribly, and they will jump at the chance to snag either Eric Fisher or Luke.

Draft -

Round 1 - SS - Kenny Vaccaro - Texas - I've been a huge supporter of grabbing a safety in the later rounds, but the most I watch Kenny Vaccaro the more I fall in love with him and see him truly as the elite talent at safety this year. I wonder if he will even make it to pick 11. This is what Bucky Brooks says about him - "Vaccaro is the kind of hybrid safety NFL defensive coaches covet. The Texas standout is not only an outstanding hitter and playmaker against the run, but he is a terrific cover man with outstanding man-to-man skills, to boot. He can match up with tight ends and slot receivers in space, while also excelling as a deep-middle player in zone. Most importantly, Vaccaro displays the versatility to align anywhere in the back end, which makes him a valuable commodity as a playmaking safety in the middle of a sub-package. With the NFL quickly shifting to a league governed by the pass, Vaccaro is the prototypical safety needed to diffuse explosive offensive attacks." and I believe this to be 100% true.

Round 2 - OT/OG - DJ Fluker - Alabama - We need depth across the OL. I'm hoping Jason Peters returns and is at least 90% of what he used to be. Fluker can fight for the starting RG spot or the starting RT spot and move Toddfather back RG. He'll be returning to his former OL coach as well, so we'll know what he is capable of or how to use develop him best.

Round 2 (from Chargers) - CB - Logan Ryan - Rutgers - With Nnamdi gone, we will need a new starting CB and Logan Ryan has been slowly turning heads.

Round 3 - OLB - Sio Moore - Uconn - I've been a big fan of his since he took over starting duty 2 years ago. Play maker all over the field. His stock has steadily been rising since the shrine game, and performed well at the Senior Bowl as well. Could compete for our SAM position.

Round 4 - NT - Kwame Geathers - Georgia - Walterfootball - "Geathers (6-6, 350) is a mountain of man who is difficult to move at the line of scrimmage. He would be a good fit to remain in a 3-4 defense as a nose tackle. For a 4-3, the Bulldog could be a nose tackle who occupies blockers and shuts down the inside ground game"

Round 5 - The Honeybadger - A lot of people are mocking him at round 4 across the web. Most players who have his kind of history drop at least 1 or 2 rounds. I think having him as a situational DB lined up damn near anywhere on the field can be a nightmare for offensive coaches and worth the risk at round 5. If he's gone before then I think he's too big of a gamble.

Round 6 - WR - Marquess Wilson - Wash - See above for Honeybadger but offensively. Could be a redzone nightmare. Has talent to be a number 2 WR on most teams.

Round 7 - P/K - Quinn Sharp - OSU - Has been a great punter for OSU and can fill in if Henery ever gets hurt. Love the versatility.

Round 7 (from Colts) - TE - Lucas Reed - New Mexico - Very speedy TE who could use some work and development. If he is unavailable I'd go with...

Nick Williams, WR, Uconn - Speedy WR with great special teams ability. Returns kicks for touchdowns regularly.

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