Eagles Draft I would like to see

These are a couple of players I would like to see us draft, of course I did not include trading back or any of that nonsense since I do not know what picks we would get and all that.

1. Eric Fisher OT ( 4th Overall)- I still believe Joeckel will be taken first and the 4th pick would be too early to pick my 2 favorites in the first round, Dion Jordan and Chance Warmack, So I believe Fisher has the edge being the 4th overall pick.

2. Matt Elam S ( 2nd Round Pick)- Hopefully Elam is still on the boards for this pick, I think Vaccaro and Reid will be taken already. Elam can be an instant starter to our terrible safeties.

3. Leon McFadden CB ( 3rd Round Pick)- I think he has potential to start if we don't keep Aso, he's very quick and has pretty good instincts.

4. Travis Kelce TE (4th Round Pick)- Very big fan of him, can join his brother playing on the line, good blocker and decent receiver, has the potential to be like Rob Gronkowski.

5. Khaled Holmes C (5th Round Pick)- Had his stock drop after the 2012 season, but was projected to be a top center, could add depth to the G as well.

6. Dan Buckner WR (6th Round Pick)- 6'4 212 lbs. runs a 4.57 he has the size and athletic ability that we need, I think he would be great for our redzone and could be a starter in a year or two.

7. Ray Ray Armstrong S (7th Round Pick)- Could provide to be a solid backup for Elam or even take over for Nate Allen, needs some work but could be considered a steal in the future.

Supplemental Draft: If Tyrann Matheiu isn't drafted, I would love for us to give him a chance, he was a beast for LSU before he left and I think he still could be a beast if given a chance.

I did not include drafting any LB and DL because I think we have serviceable people on the roster, or we could look for some names in the Free Agency, I would love for us to take a look at

Mike Williams WR - I think Mike Wallace will resign with the Steelers, but Mike Williams of Seattle has great size and was making a comeback before injuring himself last year, he could be a cheap sign and help our redzone woes.

Maake Kemoeatu NT- Although old, turning 35, He's an experienced NT on perhaps one of the better defensive teams, Ravens, he could come in and provide experience and leadership on the line.

Quintin Groves LB- Great pass rusher that could be the answer for the SLB.

Overall I just want an opinion on who else you would rather see picked in the rounds or any greater needs that should have been addressed in the draft. Thanks.

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