To trade or not to trade Maclin


When the Eagles evaluate there roster and what player they want to keep and what players fit there long term plans, I really think they really should consider trade offers from around the league.

While the overall WR play around the NFL is maybe at its best right now, there are also some teams with just awful WR play or teams who already have a star WR but need a good WR to complement him.

There are several reason why I want to trade Maclin:

1st: He is going to be a FA after this season and I think he will get paid really well in FA and with Jackson and McCoy already getting good money, I dont think its wise to invest so much into skill potential players. I know some people will laugh at this point because some people do not think very highly about, but Maclin has actually been our most productive WR since we drafted him.

2nd: His blocking is for lack of better word, missing and Chip Kelly want his WR's to be good blockers and Maclin is the opposite of that. While we did see some improvements down the line. Fact is Maclin is a finesse player and that is fine, problem is we now got a coach who wants some toughness out of his WRs

3rd: I think Cooper, Avant and a draft pick can produce the same numbers as Maclin and I also think the majority of the offensive touches will go to Jackson, McCoy and Brown and there is only so many touches to go around. Lets say we will throw it around 25-30 times per game, that is 400-480 attempts, with a comp% of 65% that is 260-312 catches. Lets say Jackson gets 70 catches (would be a career high), also think McCoy would get around 60-70 catches couple that with around 100+ catches for the TE's, Bryce Brown and the slot WR and dont have any more catches to go around.

Looking around the NFL for potential trade targets there is some very obvious and less obvious.

The first potential trade team is the Rams and the reason is pretty obvious here. They got no real WR and there best 2 WR's the last couple of seasons have been Brandon Gibson (original 6th round pick by the Eagles) and Danny Amendola (picked up from our PS). Maclin would be an instant boost and should very quickly be Sam Bradfords favorite target. I could easily see Maclin getting around 80 receptions for around 1200 yards and 8 tds.

The Rams are so desperate for WRs that they were the only team to put a claim on Titus Young when the Lions cutted him. By trading for Maclin they can let the raw but very talented Brian Quick develop with out hurring him to much.

The 2nd team who might be interested in trading for Maclin is the Texans (got the idea from another fanpost). The Texans are a borderline Super Bowl team and outside of Andre Johnson (oh god I wish he was an Eagle), they got nothing. Maclin would give them a very good possesion WR, there also can stretch the field, this would open up things for Andre Johnson, but also help both Schuab and Foster because teams would have to respect Maclins deep speed and therefor have to play safeties alittle deeper and with 2 good WR's on the team they cant just double Johnson and loaded the box to stop Foster.

Other teams like Seattle, Colts, Vikings, Panthers, Broncos or Cincinatti are all teams who look to contend next year and either have nothing or could use a complementary WR to help them.

In terms of compentation, I wont be given him a way for free, but I would be very open to a something along the lines of a 2nd+a conditional draft pick based on if he signs with them again.

What are your thoughts? Should we trade him? If yes, who do you think would trade for him and how much do you think we can get back? If no, why?

And please no responses like "Maclyn suckzor, he is teh worst wr evah!!!111!!!" (I now I know atleast 1 person will do it for fun)

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