Smart Mock Off-Season


Nnamdi Asomguah, CB (Save $11 million)
Phillip Hunt, DE/LB
Cullen Jenkins DT/DE (Save 4.5 million)
Jamar Chaney, LB
Kurt Coleman, S


Jeremy Maclin, WR to Houston Texans for 2nd (57th overall) + Conditional 2014 pick (3rd if Maclin re-signs, 5th if he doesn't)
-We would be wise to get what we can for Maclin now and try to add a real compliment to the WR we have signed long-term. Houston can draft someone here, but they also are very competitive now and Maclin offers more immediate help than a WR in the draft will. If he re-signs they are set with a WR opposite Andre, if not it's only another 5th.

Nick Foles, QB to New York Jets for 3rd (72nd overall) + 2014 Conditional pick (3rd if Foles takes 50%+ of snaps)
-I like Foles, just not for this offense. The Jets are a good fit. Marty obviously worked a lot with him and this is a low-risk, high reward competitor for Sanchez and works well for them as he's cheap and they are up against the cap.

1st (4th overall) + 7th to San Diego for 1st (11th overall) + 2nd (45th overall) + 5th
-The Chargers have a veteran team with an older QB. They may be able to compete right away if they can protect Rivers. SD makes out points wise with this trade, but this gives us an extra pick in a draft we need them. Fair trade for both sides.

Free Agency:

Qunitin Mikell, S - 3 years, $10 mil
-An expected cap cut, this deal will be team friendly so that his contract doesn't handicap us down the line. He can step in and start right away and let a draft pick learn behind him.

Derek Cox, CB - 4 years, $18 mil
-Cox is one of the best CBs in the NFL, when healthy. He has playmaking ability (12 INTs in 47 games), and size (6'1 195) and is only 26 years old. If he works out he can be a great foundational piece, if not he's not going to handcuff us.

Dennis Dixon, QB, 2 years $3.5 mil
-Obvious connection with Chip from Oregon, Dixon offers solid depth with a little experience playing versus some good defenses.


Picks: 1(11) 2 (35) 2 (45) 2 (57) 3 (67) 3 (72) 4th 5(own) 5 (SD) 6th 7(CLE) 7 (Comp)

1 (11) - Ezekial Ansah, DE/OLB BYU
- Ansah is the type of pick that can revive the D. Extremely versatile, Ansah can play the SDE, SLB, or Predator positions and even NT in certain packages.

2 (35) - Jonathon Cooper, OG, North Carolina
- He has a 1st round grade, but Guards seem to slip. Cooper has elite potential and will sure up the inside of the line. Cooper has expereince and the ability to play all 3 interior spots and is simply the best player on the board.

2 (45) - Brandon Williams, DT, Mizz Southern St
- I've liked him for a while in my faux-scouting, and he's shot up draft boards since the Senior Bowl. He's an ideal run stuffer in the NFL and should fill the NG position well down the line.

2 (57) - Da'Rick Rogers, WR, Tenn Tech
- The Maclin pick. We replace him straight up with a tough, 6'2 WR. Rogers, whom has maturity issues, is a top 16 talent and has seen his stock fall well below true value. Rogers is a good blocker, has deep speed, but more importantly can work the middle of the field where he uses his large frame.

3 (67) - Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego St
- Escobar was in Scott Pioli's top 10 best prospects in an interview with PFT. That doesn't mean he is, but it shows he's well regarded. He's tall and fast, and is improving as a blocker. Escobar can split wide and work the middle and will be a good compliment to Brent Celek.

3 (72) - DJ Swearinger, S, South Carolina
- Swearinger is very underrated this draft season. He's a very rangy safety with playmaking ability and the ability to lay the wood. He can play centerfield and take deep plays away. He does have judgement issues and will be penalized quite often, probably his biggest knock.

4th- Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas-Pine Bluff
- Another small school prospect, Armstead will need time to adjust to the NFL but will provide good depth in the short term. He has all the ability to play LT in the NFL and fits a Zone Blocking scheme very nicely.

5th - Terry Hawthorne, CB, Illinios
- Hawthorne was regarded as a top 100 selection coming into the season but had a down senior season. He is more a playmaker than a shutdown guy, but certainly has the makings of a starting CB.

5th (SD) - Matt Scott, QB, Arizona
- Here's Chip's project at QB. With no pressure to start, Scott will have the abiltiy to add weight to his thin frame and learn the new offense. He provides us with a good backup with the ability to run the new system in case Vick goes down this season.

6th - Kyle Juszczyk, H-B, Harvard
- The "Juice" will challenge to replace Havili. Kelly rarely used a FB at Oregon and is believed to want more of an H-Back, and Juszczyk can fill both roles as he is a very good receiver and a capable blocker.

7th - Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia
- Commings is another top 100 talent that slips this far due to off-the-field concerns. Sanders has great size (6'1 217) and can lay the wood. He's at his best as a press corner and has a lot of big-game experience.

7th - Kenny Tate, S/LB, Maryland
- Tate is an ideal S/LB hybrid, and may eventually be used the way Billy Davis used Adrain Wilson in Arizona. Tate, 6'4, has the abiltiy to match up with TEs and offers package versatility when he's on the field. Was also a team captain at Maryland.

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