Future QB Prospects

We all want to know who our QB of the future will be, and for legitimate reason. The key, however, is finding the RIGHT QB for our future.

I've compiled a list of QBs who are eligible to enter the draft in the coming years. There's no reason to get caught up on any particular QB, I just want to help expose everyone to who may be good fits here in Chip's system (or what we expect to see).

Before I start naming names, a general rundown of things Chip is believed to want in his QB (in addition to more obvious skills):

  • Size (Height, Big Hands)
  • Quick Release
  • Mobility (Doesn't take sacks)
  • Scrambling/Running Ability
  • "Field General" (Able to run no-huddle, make proper reads)

Some QB prospects who meet (or have the potential to meet) these skills, in no particular order:

Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville - 6'3 218
Draft Eligible:



Bridgewater has been considered a top prospect for next April's draft, but his performance versus Florida put him in the discussion as the first QB taken. While he hasn't taken off to run too much, he has the ability. He is a pass-first QB who poses the ability to run. I would be afraid of him because he looks like T.O. with braces, but beyond that he has potential to be a very good QB.

Things to like: Accuracy, Mobility, Pocket Presence, Leadership, Toughness (will stand in on a big hit), Throw-on-run
Things to Improve: Throwing Motion, Arm Strength, Not ideal for read-option packages

Marcus Mariota, Oregon- 6'4 198
Draft Eligible:



This guy may not show up immediately on Chip's QB-dar, but he will soon enough. He's a tall, lean, fast QB. He's able to leave after the upcoming season, and like many others on this list, can play another 3 years as a to-be red shirt-Sophomore. He appears to be the most talented QB that Chip has worked with at Oregon, but he will undoubtedly have to prove he's more than just a product of Chip's.

Things to like: Height/frame, Speed, Arm Talent (Power and Accuracy), Experience/Success under Chip Kelly, Poise
Things to Improve: Throwing Motion, Consistency, Add Bulk to Tall Frame

Brett Hundley, UCLA- 6'3 223
Draft Eligible: 2014-16



Hundley is another in the class of redshirt freshmen who burst onto the scene this past year. He was recruited by Chip Kelly and Oregon, however chose UCLA. He is an explosive runner with a very good deep ball, and is able to zip balls to well covered WRs.

Things to like: Size, Speed, Arm Strength, Throw on Run, Intelligence, Leadership
Things to Improve: Mechanics(long-release), Consistency

Jeff Driskel, Florida- 6'4 237
Draft Eligible: 2014-15



Driskel may have the most natural talent of anybody I list. He was a five-star recruit out of high school coveted by the entire SEC. He has an A+ arm, is said to be one of the ten fastest Gators, and has ideal size for a QB. Driskel has flashed these elite skills, however he was in a very protective offense this past season and struggled when he was forced to pass. The Gators O-line struggled (understandably versus Damontre Moore, Jadevion Clowney, and Jarvis Jones) and the WR group was the worst Gainesville has seen in years. Driskel has work to do as far as reading coverage and being more protective of the ball, but all the skills are there.

Things to like: Size (frame), Arm, Speed, Experience versus elite competition, Throw on Run
Things to Improve: Decision-Making, Taking on leadership as role in Passing game develops, Consistency

Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M- 6'1 200
Draft Eligible: 2014-16



Johnny Football. He was also recruited to Oregon by Chip and briefly committed before heading to Texas A&M. He's hard to project into the NFL due to his size and quirky style, but he will definitely get long looks if he stays at this high level. One concern plays off of one of his greatest strengths, his confidence. He seems to have a large-persona and appears to be cut from the same cloth as Joe Namath. He will have to prove maturity off the field, and show he can thrive with losses of huge pieces from his Heisman season.

Things to like: Confidence, Mobility, Scrambling/Running
Things to Improve: Arm Strength, Maturity

Others Possible:

Dylan Thompson, South Carolina- 6'3 212
Draft Eligible: 2014-2016

Thompson is currently in a split system with Connor Shaw, but shows more NFL potential of the two. He's not an elite runner, but is proficient in the area. He has a good arm and displays a lot of toughness, and will probably be available in the mid-late rounds when he comes to the NFL and would be a very intriguing project.

Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech- 6'6 262
Draft Eligible: 2014

Thomas is a likely 1st rounder next April, however he may or may not be ideal for Chip's offense. He has great size and a strong arm, as well as the ability to run. However, he has more experience than the other's I've listed and may be the most inconsistent. He's not extremely accurate, but he is very, very intriguing from the measurables standpoint.

Kevin Hogan, Stanford- 6'4 228
Draft Eligible: 2014-16

Took over mid-season at Stanford after redshirting as a freshman while Andrew Luck was on campus. Hogan is another in the line of redshirt freshmen who had a promising season. He can run/scramble pretty well and has a good arm. He is very similar to Driskel in terms of being protected by a running game and great defense, but the skill is there for developing.

There you have it. I don't think you can go into a season expecting one of these guys to be available next year, but you do have the flexibility to not force a pick on a QB this season.

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