My Mock Draft

1. Kansas City- Luke Joeckel LT - I'm not very high on the Geno train, then again I'm no Reid or scout but I believe Reid will try to sign Alex Smith and snagging the top LT would help in the future.

2. Jacksonville- Bjeorn Werner DE - Their defense was terrible last season, while they still need to beef up their secondary, there's not really a player worth the 2nd pick, I see them trying to get a pass rusher to help pressure the QB.

3. Oakland- Sheldon Richardson DT - Again, their secondary was the weak point, but getting a rising DT prospect that fits their scheme is what I think they'll do.

4. Philadelphia- Eric Fisher LT - Could be the top OL in the draft, Honestly, I want Dion Jordan... really bad, but I don't think he's worth the 4th pick, but picking Fisher can make the best line in 2011 even better.

5. Detroit- Star Lotulelei NT- Detroit needs help on the defensive side of the ball, having Star and Suh next to each other would be scary.

6. Cleveland Brown- Demontre Moore DE - While they have holes in the defense, I think the biggest need was a DT, DE, LB for the Browns, with the top 2 DT's gone and Jarvis Jones a 3-4 LB, I think the Browns would be wise to pick up Moore.

7. Arizona- Chance Warmack OG - I'm taking a Chance here because I think the Cardinals needs the most help on the OL either a G or T and he is better than Lane Johnson, I think they'll stick to Kolb as he did lead them to a 4-0 record before getting hurt.

8. Buffalo- Jonathan Cooper OG - This was a hard one because they need to help the OL, but with C.J Spiller in the back, I think they'd get the 2nd best G to help in the run game.

9. New York Jets- Jarvis Jones LB - As many holes as they have, I think Rex likes his offense the way it is, although they do need better OL, I think he'll try to strengthen their defense and getting Jarvis Jones would be huge for them.

10. Tennessee- Dee Milliner CB - With the top tackles and guards gone, I think they'll look to find a compliment to Jason McCourty

11. San Diego Chargers- Jonathan Jenkins DT - Even though their OL is terrible, they need help on the DL even more, getting Jenkins would help tremendously.

12. Miami- Barkevious Mingo LB - Adding a LB would help them a lot, they do need a #1 receiver and DL, but Mingo would be a nice addition to the defense.

13. Tampa Bay- Xavier Rhodes CB - With the top DL gone, they'll look to boost their secondary.

14. Carolina- Kenny Vaccaro S - The Panthers need so much, but with a good LB group and an decent DL they'll look to help that with a solid secondary.

15. New Orleans- Dion Jordan LB - As much as I hate to see my favorite prospect not go to the Eagles, the Saints need an upgrade on defense, mainly the LB corpse, now their switching to a 3-4 and Dion Jordan would be perfect for them.

16. St. Louis- Matt Elam S - With Mickell possibly gone, they desperately need to get better in their secondary, Elam would be a huge boost for them.

17. Pittsburgh- Jonathan Hankins DT - Their defense is getting old and their DL is wearing down, getting Hankins would help them ideally.

18. Dallas- Sharrif Floyd DT - Now moving back to a 4-3, the Cowboys will look to bolster their DL, even though they still have need to fix their OL as well.

19. New York Giants- Eddie Lacy RB - Their offense is pretty set, and their defense was a weakness but they lacked a good RB, Lacy would change that.

20. Chicago- Barret Jones OG - Jay Cutler gets sacked too many times, Jones is a consistent athlete and would make Cutler and Forte very happy.

21. Cincinnati- Keenan Allen WR - They had an under rated defense, and getting Dalton another option to throw too would help a lot.

22. St. Louis- Alexander Ogletree LB - Even though getting Bradford another receiver to throw to would be good, they still need to rebuff their defense.

23. Minnesota- Cordarrelle Patterson WR - Their only offensive weapon was Peterson and Harvin(when healthy) giving Ponder another person to throw to would be a great boost to the offense.

24. Indianapolis- Desmond Trufant CB - After picking up Luck last year, they need defensive help, Trufant is an amazing athlete that will help their defense a lot.

25. Seattle- Lane Johnson OT - Getting Wilson another WR would help, but I think they'll look to bolster their OL is more of a priority.

26. Green Bay- Ezekial Ansah DE - This was a cross between him and Eric Reid, I chose Ansah because he had huge potential and they have no one other than Raji on the line.

27. Houston- Sam Montgomery DE - They need someone to play opposite to JJ Watt, Montgomery can also be a very versatile player for them.

28. Denver- Jordan Poyer CB - Again, it was him or Eric Reid, but obviously Denver needs secondary help. Poyer could be a good fit across from Champ or his replacer.

29. New England- Eric Reid S- If not taken before, the Patriots need help on defense still, Reid would boost their secondary tremendously.

30. Atlanta- Monte Ball RB- They need defensive help, but Michael Turner isn't what he is before and Ball could carry the load for them and be a huge compliment to Jaqcuizz.

31. San Francisco- Jonathan Banks CB- Going for Terrence Williams would be a good pick to give Kaep another receiver, but all my 49er fans hates Culliver who seems to be the weakest link on the defense, if Gholdston returns, look for them to get someone to replace Culliver.

32. Baltimore- Arthur Brown LB- They need someone to be half the man that Ray Lewis was, Brown is a nice prospect and could really help the LB corpse.

Side Notes: I would love to see the Eagles pick up T.J McDonald, Tyrann Matheiu, Travis Kelce, Robert Woods.

These are based on what I think the team needs, not ranking of best players. If I made a pick that seems weird or something I probably thought the team could address those needs in the later rounds.

Also, obviously I'm not a huge fan on any of the QB's this year, and none looks like a first round talent above these fellas.

Any feedback or criticism is welcomed here and I would love to know what you think.

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