A Collection of Reactions To Vick's ... Return? Non-Departure?

I am going to steal the premise of the Linc Jason puts up every morning and post some articles that regard the Eagles and Vick re-structuring his former top end QB contract into a team-friendlier deal that increases the odds of Vick remaining an Eagle in 2013 and also increases the amount of guaranteed salary he will take home.

Please note, even though I am (justly?) accused of being biased towards Foles, I am posting these as I find them. I haven't read them and I am not trying to overload articles that slant one way or another. I am trying to provide more information and opinion on what happened yesterday and I am doing so blindly.

How To Be Optimistic About Michael Vick - Philly Phootball

I will discuss some of the key arguments against Vick and introduce a different perspective on Vick’s situation in Philly. My goal here is not to convince the world that Vick will be a star, but to try to quell some of the negativity about him as the QB and build a case for hope.

STAYING POWER - Mike Tanier of Sports On Earth

The shorthand of this story – Eagles re-sign Vick for $7 million – hides many subtleties, and it's the kind of news that can be misinterpreted. A quick scan of my Facebook reveals that many Eagles fans assume that the deal means that Vick is the team's undisputed starting quarterback and will be running Kelly's read-option offense for the foreseeable future. (Or, as it reads in some status updates, WHEN WILL THIS WAKING NIGHTMARE END?) It's more likely that Vick was re-signed as a placeholder starter until a youngster (possibly Nick Foles, but more likely a Kelly-selected draft choice) is ready to take over.

Michael Vick makes wise move to take paycut, stick with Eagles under Chip Kelly - Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports

Vick better be ready or he has only himself to blame for failure. Kelly's offense couldn't be much better with its combination of option plays for the quarterback and emphasis on speed in the all-around offense. He wasn't going to find a team with the combination of receivers (DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin), running back (LeSean McCoy) and tight end (Brent Celek) to create big plays. While the offensive line has to be rebuilt, it should be much healthier next season.

Instant Reaction - Three Thoughts On Vick - Sheil Kapadia of

This feels like a "band-aid" move to me. In other words, don’t read this as Chip Kelly pegging Vick as his quarterback of the future, the guy who is going to lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Instead, it seems that Kelly wants to implement his scheme right away, and Vickmay be the guy who’s running it in 2013.

Chip Kelly Must Not Be Taken In By Michael Vick - Dan Graziano - NFC East Blog on

You're going to see this $10 million number connected with Michael Vick and his new, restructured Philadelphia Eagles contract, but it's important to note the "with incentives" part. That $10 million is the most Vick can earn in 2013 -- presumably if he stays healthy, starts every game and plays very well. The key number, yet unknown, is the minimum number -- the amount of money the Eagles are committed to paying Vick even if they decide in training camp they don't want him around anymore and let him go then instead of now.

I hope these articles help each of us learn more about the situation, help erase our preconceived notions of the type of player that Vick is or isn't and most importantly, help convince us that our return to winning a lot more games than losing is right around the corner.

Thanks for reading someone else's work (this time). Tiime's yours. Have a great day and a better tomorrow.

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