The Real Snapshot of Why We Re-Structured Vick

First off, it's another "underwhelming" day so far in the off season. So far we have gotten the innovative (yet NFL unproven) coach in Chip Kelly, co-ordinators from the college level, and to blunt co-ordinates with a not very impressive NFL resumes.

Now don't get me wrong, Bobby April, Howard Mudd, and Jim Washburn were supposed to be all-stars at their respective jobs. Marty and Andy had their names on guys like Steve Young, Brett Favre and Matt Hasselbeck -- and we all know how the past two years turned out...

But still, how can you get REALLY excited about a new era when there's absolutely no coach that has a ton of experience winning at the NFL level aside from Duce Staley and maybe you include Shurmur in there. Unless you're drinking a ton of kool-aid -- you really can't...

And let's not foget -- we have a GM who drafted Danny Watkins and Jaquan Jarrett with his first two picks in 2011.. He MAY have done good in 2012, but it's hard to judge yet, but there is a very REAL possibility he's not a great GM...


Now let's busts a few myths...

1. Michael Vick fits in this offense...

First, we don't even know what Kelly is going to bring here. He has made it clear he's not bringing his Oregon offense here.. So how do we know Vick is going to be great at running an offense that we don't know what it's going to be.

But let's pretend for a minute this offense is going to look a lot like San Franciso's, Seattle or Washington's.... With Vick's declining speed can he really keep defenses honest? Is Vick smart enough to make the correct read MOST of the time? Can Vick stay healthy taking on hits?

2. Michael Vick gave us the best chance to win!!!

Uhh.... We went 8-8 in 2011 (beating really really bad teams to win 4 straight) and 4-12 and could've been worse in 2012... How exactly does Vick give us the best chance to win? How is this a "win now" team?

3. Mike Vick will finally be in an offense which suits his strengths.

Again, this is an argument that was used for Donovan in his declining days as well. In Washington and Minnesota he was going to have a running game and be a game manager. He wouldn't have to pass 50x a game to win games....Except the fact that he was really old, banged up, and washed up...And the same goes with Vick.. He can't out run a LB anymore, he's lucky enough to elude DEs.. He's a 1 read quarterback who's mistake prone.. There is NO offense that plays to a bad player's strength.. It's like saying JaMarcus Russell would've succeeded in another system. At some point it's not the system -- it's the player.

4. But...But... Foles is a statue!!!!

So is Payton Manning, Joe Flacco, Drew Brees and Tom Brady.. The fact that you HAVE to have wheels to keep "defenses honest" is total baloney... Play actions, draws, screens, etc all keep defenses honest too. If we are a run 1st team and are running the ball well a play action could get a safety to bite hard (just like Kurt Coleman does) and have DeSean run past the safety for the easy 6.

If Chip Kelly is a guy who plays the "best guy," and uses that guy to the best of his strengths then why is Foles a less attractive option than a 33 year old banged up washed up QB on a rebuilding team?

It's like this.... At some point, depending on how the draft shakes on, or God Forbid a season ending injury to a team who's a contender -- someone is going to be desparate for a qb... Somebody who thinks they can win now, and win with Vick.. Just like WSH and MIN thought they could win with a washed up mobile QB in Donovan someone is going to think they can kick the tires on a washed up QB with a really lousy passing resume... And maybe -- just maybe they will offer the Eagles a decent pick for a QB we were likely to drop anyway...

And that's the real take on Vick

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