My mock off season!

First my FA wish list including cuts:

Cuts: Vick, NA and Patterson

I dont think anybody is surprised by these cuts. Vick and NA are to old and to expensive and I dont think Patterson is good fit at all in the new defensive scheme.

After these cuts we should have around 43,6 mill in cap space.

I would try and keep DRC at a cheap deal, but if he wont agree to that, we should franchise him.

Franchise DRC – The franchise tag for CBs are10.6 mill – That should leave 33 mill to sign players in FA and rookies.

FA targets:

Down below is the players I think we realistically can sign (that means no Byrd because he is 110% going to be franchised).

NT – Terrance Knighton

Knighton is a really good NT and we dont really have one on the roster right now (unless you wanna count on Dixon), I think he can be had for around 3 mill per year – around 30 left

DE – Desmond Bryant

According to PFF he is the highest grade FA interior lineman and he would be great opposite Cox. I think around 6 mill a year – 24 left

Secondary – Louis Delmas and Derek Cox

Both should be had for around 4-4.5 mill per year and would be instant starters for us next season – 15 left

Pick up a cheap backup QB.

My mock draft would be:

Trade the 4th over all pick and Jeremy Maclin to the Rams for there 16th, 45th, 1st in 2014 and a conditional pick based on playing time/production.

There are several reason why I want to trade Maclin:

1st: He is going to be a FA after this season and I think he will get paid really well in FA and with Jackson and McCoy already getting good money, I dont think its wise to invest so much into skill potential players.

2nd: His blocking is for lack of better word, missing and Chip Kelly want his WR's to be good blockers and Maclin is the opposite of that

3rd: I think Cooper, Avant and a draft pick can produce the same numbers as Maclin and I also think the majority of the offensive touches will go to Jackson, McCoy and Brown and there is only so many touches to go around.

Also trade back from the 35th and pick up another 4th round

I have used CBS prospect rankings for the later round players.

1st: QB Ryan Nassib

After watching his tape over at (great site btw) and reading about him, I have come to think of him as a perfect QB for our new offense. He is smart, mobile enough and got a great arm, his only minus is his footwork, but that can be fixed.

2nd: CB Jordan Pyoer

Got good size at 6.0 182 pounds and is a complete CB. He is a willing tackler and also have a knack for interceptions. He reminds me alot of Sheldon Brown.

2nd: S Jonathan Cyprien

A complete safety with good size at 6.0 and 209 pounds. He is maybe the best tackling safety in the whole draft and he can also cover mid field. I know Im not the first to say this but compares very well to Brian Dawkins in that he is good at everything without been elite at one thing, but its what I want out of my safety.

3rd: OLB/DE Michael Buchanan

Was considered one of the top pass rusher before the 2012 season but broke his jaw and therefor couldnt eat properly. If you watch his 2012 tape he is pedestrian, but if you watch his 2011 tape, you see a difference maker.

4th: WR Chris Harper

Big physical WR there actually uses his size to box out defenders.

4th: OT Terron Armstead

Very athletic OT, needs to get stronger in the run game and against the bull rush, but he is very good against speed guys.

5th: DT Kwame Geathers

Space eat, should be instant start at NT against the run.

6th: ILB Jonathan Stewart

A big ILB, to backup to Ryans.

7th: TE Zach Sudfeld

A very big TE. I honestly dont know anything about him, but his size intrigues me

7th: S Cooper Taylor

A very big safety at 6-4 229, he is more of a hybrid LB/S, have the potential to develop into an Adrian Wilson type of safety

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