A little different Mock offseason

I come on BGN to read the different articles from the writers on this site and quite frankly they are good. I read most of the mocks that where posted to this site and really most of them are the same. I wanted to post a mock offseason that was kinda different, so here it is.

Oh and I posted this to talk football not grammar, and spelling. So keep it football related.

CUTS/ Not Brought Back (from now until final cuts)

QB Mike Vick (Willing to take a pay cut but not willing to drop to the Eagles Price Range)

QB Trent Edwards (Wont fit Eagles scheme)

RB Chris Polk (Wont fit)

RB Dion Lewis (will be cut after training camp after losing battle with a rookie)

WR Greg Salas (Will never see the field)

TE Brent Celek (After trying to trade him we get no offers so we decide to cut him)

TE Evan Moore (Do i have to say anything else)

OL King Dunlap

OL Dallas Reynolds (horrible)

OL Matt Reynolds (sucks)

OL Matt Tennat (could not beat out Dallas reynolds)

OL Matt Kopa (sucks)

DE Darryl Tapp (He is done in philly)

DE Philip Hunt (I think we could trade him atleast in a package deal but I think we cut him)

DT Mike Patterson (Makes way too much money, and dont think he is as productive)

DT Derek Landri (will not come back)

CB Brandon Hughes (One of Andy's guys)

S Kurt Coleman (not needed)

P Mat Mcbriar (Goes with Andy to KC)


LB Akeem Jordan 2 years(Special Team ace, solid fill in linebacker)

LS Jon Dorenbos 3 years (No way he leaves)

S Colt Anderson 2 years (Gets the nod for special teams captain and has the biggest heart on the team)

CB DRC 5 years (Sky is the limit for him, and with his old Coordinator he returns to form)

DE Trent Cole (Takes a slight pay cut) Only pay cut if we dont take a cap hit

DT Cullen Jenkins (Takes a million off his contract. Realizes he is going down hill and wants too finish with Philly)

CB ASO (Willing to take the hit to stay with team and gets a shot with the new coach)

--------- Jason Peters declines to take pay cut------------------

Pre Free Agency

Offense (16)

QB- Foles ? ?

RB- McCoy Brown ?

FB- Havili

WR- DJax Maclin Avant Cooper Johnson

TE- Clay

OT- Peters Herremans Kelly ?

OG- Mathis Watkins ? ?

C- Kelce ?

Defense (18)

LDE- Jenkins Thorton ?

NT- Dixon ? ?

RDE- Cox ? ?

PRED- Graham Cole Curry ?

SAM- Jordan Matthews

MIKE- Ryans ?

WILL- Kendricks Chaney

CB- DRC ASO Boykin Marsh

FS- Allen

SS- Coleman Anderson

K- Alex Henery

P- ???

LS- Jon Dorenbos


TE Jared Cook 4 years---- I think this kid is the new era Tight End in todays game, We need are own Vernon Davis. Antonio Gates, and Martellius Bennet on are team and we get him.

QB Dennis Dixon 2 years---- this is are Back up QB as a teacher to help teach the system we will run. He really is not a bad QB and I have always liked him as a backup not a starter. But I guess we will see what he can do.

S Jarius Byrd 5 years---- Played under Chip at Orgeon and comes to Philly as are new starting FS. This is are big free agent addition and will upgrade are secondary.

RDE Richard Seymour 2 years--- After 4 weeks into free agency he dose not get the money he wants or will he start anywhere else so he decides to come to Philly to help out Cox and be in are D-line rotation.

Eagles Trade QB Nick Foles and WR Jason Avant to KC for a 4th RD pick and next year pick from a 3rd to a 4th. 3rd being he starts a 4th being he is backup or cut. The Eagles decide to go a different route than Foles/Vick and decide to get picks for him. Andy drafted Foles and loves Avant so he brings them along with him to KC. Foles goes on to battle Alex Smith for the job.

QB Matt Moore 1 year--- Eagles have a void at QB and decide to go with a reliable choice in Moore.

OG Antonio Caldwell 1 year comes to Philly as a prove it deal. Battles with Danny Watkins.

POST Free Agency Depth

Offense (18)

QB- Dixon Moore ?

RB- McCoy Brown ?

FB- Havili

WR- DJax Maclin Cooper Johnson ?

TE- Cook Clay

OT- Peters Herremans Kelly ?

OG- Mathis Watkins Caldwell ?

C- Kelce ?

Defense (21)

LDE- Jenkins Thorton ?

NT- Dixon ? ?

RDE- Cox Seymore

PRED- Graham Cole Curry ?

SAM- Jordan Matthews

MIKE- Ryans ?

WILL- Kendricks Chaney

CB- DRC ASO Boykin Marsh

FS- Byrd Allen

SS- Coleman Anderson

K- Alex Henery

P- ???

LS- Jon Dorenbos

Draft Picks we have are

1:4, 2:3, 3:5, 4:4, 5:1, 5:3, 6:5, 7:4, 7:24


Start is off with the first 3 picks:

KC 1st overall: LT Luke Joeckel Texas A&M--- After losing Brandon Albert to the Colts they have to protect Foles,Smith.

Jax 2nd overall Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M --- After thinking about Geno, Gus is a defensive guy and he cant stand not having a playmaker on his defensive line.

Oak 3rd Overall Star Loutelie DT Utah---- After losing Seymour and Kelly they need to get interior D-Line help badly.

PHI 4th Overall (here comes the heat) Geno Smith QB West Virginia--------- I will hear it about this pick but in Chips interview he said he needs a Quaterback who can throw and can take off when need to and Geno is that guy.

2nd Eagles get Jessie Williams NT Alabama I do think he will be here as there is a deep class at DT. We get a day one starter who is nuts and can dominate an offensive line himself.

3rd Eagles get Robert Woods WR from USC falls to the 3rd and the Eagles snag there slot.

4th Eagles get Baccari Rambo SS Georgia he can tackle and is a great hitter. He will start with Byrd having Byrd as are center fielder and Rambo playing the run.

5th Eagles get Kyle Long OT Oregon Is a project and is not a casey matthews type player only being drafted because of his name. Long is a unknown type player. With the right coaching he will be a pro bowl player.

5th Eagles get Kenjon Barner RB Oregon He falls to the 5th round and the Eagles have a whole at running back. Will be are LaMichael James from 49ers.

6th Eagles get Nico Johnson Mike LB Alabama future starter? will sit behind Demeco and learn the defense and catch up with the speed of the NFL. Could be a steal in the late rounds. For now will play Special Teams and rotation in at Line Backer.

7th Eagles get Brad Wing P LSU will be are starter

7th Eagles get Brian Schwenke C Cal He is big and athletic and will battle with Kelce for the opening day start.

After Draft free agents that make final depth chart.

LB Takeo Spikes (cut by chargers and wants 1 more year)

CB Kyle Arrington Comes in as 4th corner

ROOKIE TE RYAN OTTEN SAN JOSE STATE great hands could beat out clay as number 2 next year

ROOKIE GUARD EARL WATFORD James Madison this kid was good all season for them and could be a UDFA steal. Very raw but with the right coaching he could be a solid starter in the NFL.


QB- Geno Dixon Moore

RB- McCoy Brown Barner

FB- Havili

WR- DJax Maclin Woods Cooper Johnson

TE- Cook Clay Otten

OT- Peters Herremans Kelly Long

OG- Mathis Watkins Caldwell Watford

C- Kelce Brian


LDE- Jenkins Thorton

NT- Williams Dixon

RDE- Cox Seymour

PRED- Graham Cole Curry

SAM- Spikes Jordan Matthews

MIKE- Ryans Johnson

WILL- Kendricks Chaney

CB- DRC ASO Boykin Arrington Marsh

FS- Byrd Anderson

SS- Allen Rambo

K- Alex Henery

P- Wing

LS- Jon Dorenbos



Something to look for and some of my predictions.

Geno Smith starting at QB

Barner at RB eventually taking over for Bryce as number 2? Then Trading Bryce next season?

Next season replacing Stanley unless he shows improvement?

Maclin situation. Does he finally break out? Does he finally take over as number 1? Does he get traded?

Harbor VS Otten they are both the same kind of tight end with otten at 6'6 is he a better option?

Offensive line all together?

Whole defense....


Will Thorton take over for Jenkins?

How will Demeco play in this Defense? Could he finally take leadership?

DRC and ASO will they play better with new safties?

Allen? Will he play better or lose it to Rambo?

Final record 7-9 and we get the 10th pick in next years draft. We have alot of rookies and new faces on this team that it will take a little bit to mesh.

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