Chip Kelly's plans have DeSean Jackson excited


One thing Chip Kelly has made his bones doing is getting the ball into the hands of his best playmakers and utilizing their strengths. Given that DeSean Jackson is certainly one of the Eagles best playmakers, it makes sense that Kelly has some plans for the WR. Speaking at the Super Bowl this week, Jackson he's excited about what Chip has in store for him.

Jackson said the two didn't talk long, but that Chip told him to expect to have the ball in his hands a lot more than he's used. DeSean thinks that means he'll be used a lot like the similarly built De'Anthony Thomas was at Oregon.

"Kind of similar to what DeAnthony Thomas was doing at Oregon. He's like a little brother to me. I actually talked to him," Jackson said of Thomas. "He was passing on information to me, like I'm going to be pumped up and psyched to be in that offense. It just keeps defenses off guard any time you go in motion, fake play-action, go down the field. There's just so many things you can do."

DeSean says it's kind of odd to be talking to Chip Kelly as his coach, given his Cal Bears were rivals of Kelly's Oregon Ducks. But he thinks the Eagles offense can flourish.

"Oregon was a rival to me in college, with me going to Cal," said Jackson. "Talking to Chip Kelly, he told me 'I was always on the other side watching you score touchdowns.' So now it's a good situation because I am very familiar with his offense style and I think in the NFL it's going to have defensive coordinators going crazy."

As for the Michael Vick vs Nick Foles question, Jackson said it's all up to Chip.

"It's up in the air right now and I think Chip Kelly is evaluating everyone. I'm even getting evaluated myself. So he's looking at film and whoever is getting the job done hopefully their job is secure and whoever is not, hopefully we can bring someone else in."

One of the NFL Network panelists also asked him about LeSean McCoy's tweet when Chip was hired, which really was nothing. I think he said something like "Chip Kelly, ok." But the panelist wanted to know if this meant McCoy wasn't very excited about Kelly's arrival. (side note, LeSean, I think it's smart to just go ahead and leave that twitter acct shut down).

"McCoy, he's a Big East guy, he's from Pittsburgh so he's not familiar with the Oregon coach... But like I told McCoy, he asked 'You cool with this?' and I said 'man I'm excited!'"

"There's going to be a lot of players who Chip Kelly is going to have to go into that locker room and just get a lot of respect from. It's just going to take time. He's coming from college and college is very different from the NFL. You're dealing with grown men now."

Going back to what DeSean initially said about being used more like De'Anthony Thomas, here's a little preview of what that could look like.

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