Safety Reviews from current roster, free agency, and the 2014 NFL Draft.

The biggest need of the Philadelphia Eagles is Safety. This article will analyze our current safeties (future), free agency, and draft prospects on our biggest need.

The following teams are looking for a Safety:

Priority 1: Tennessee Titans,

Priority 2: Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears; Washington Redskins

Priority 3: Houston Texans, St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers

Currently on the Roster:

Set to become Unrestricted Free Agents:

Nate Allen ($1,297,000) Has been a Starter and Back-up. Standing at 6'1 210lbs he has had multiple injuries throughout his time in Philly. In 4 Years he has played 58 games Recording 205 Solo Tackles, 52 Assists, 257Total Tackles, 3 Sacks, 6 Interception, 2 forced fumbles and 25 penalties. But he has been under multiple defensive coaches throughout his tenure w/ the eagles. IN 2012 recorded 60 solo tackles, 13 asst, 73 total tackles; this year he has shown improvement in turn overs, but has 57 tackles, 20 asst, 77 total tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception, and 1 forces fumble. In two years has shown he ability, he does have room to improve. He is a quality starter. Will test free agency: get signed by the Rams, Panthers, Cowboys, or Redskins.

Kurt Coleman ($1,110,842). Has been a Starter, Back-up, to Special Teams Player. He has played in multiple positions from Safety to Corner Back. In 4 Years he has played 58 games Recording 170 Solo Tackles, 47 Assists, 221 Total Tackles, 7 Interception, 2 forced fumbles and 11 penalties. He is only 5'11, 200lbs, some consider him to small, some consider him not a strong tackler who bites on play actions. But he has been under multiple defensive coaches throughout his tenure w/ the eagles. IN 2013 recorded 93 total tackles, 2 Interceptions, &2 fumbles, however this year only has 14 tackles. Kurt Coleman has bee serviceable here and there, has unbelievable heart. Will be resigned as a back up after testing free agency or getting cut from another team.

Colt Anderson ($1,000,000). Has been a Special Teams Ace his whole career w/ Philadelphia Eagles. In 4 Years he has played 48 games Recording 66 Solo Tackles, 4 Assists, 70 Total Tackles, 1 Interception and 4 penalties. Is he worth a $1,000,000 to play special teams? He isn't a great back-up. This year only has 9 tackles. Will not be resigned.

Roster 2014-2015

Earl Wolff: A knee injury throughout the season due to Patrick Chung, but has recorded 37 Solo Tackles, 7 Asst, totaling 45 Tackles. He has recorded 1 Interception and 5 penalties. Being a 5th round pick standing at 5'11, 210lbs w/ unbelievable strength and speed, he has been a solid player sense starting. Will be a starting safety next season.

Patrick Chung: Has been in the league sense 2009. Four years with New England. He has only played all 16 games once during the 2009 season. In 2010 he showed great potential with 96 total tackles and 3 interceptions. Sense then his stats has declined. He also has been battling injuries. This year he has only 49 total tackles, giving up big plays from missed coverage and missed tackles. He has one year left on his contract. Back-up.


T.J. Ward ($1,272,000) 5'10 200lbs, 27 years old with 104 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and 2 Interceptions. A great safety who is going to demand $6 - $10 Million a year and is worth every penny. He has stated that he wants to stay with the Cleveland Browns. Staying with the Browns.

Jarius Byrd ($6,916,000) 5'10 203lbs, 27 years old, this year has 45 tackles, 1 sack, and 4 interceptions. Considered on the best at the safety position. Has been a consistent safety with one sack per year, averaging around 4 interceptions as well with 3 forced fumbles per year. His highest season in tackles has been 98 in 2011. Will be asking around the same price range as T.J. Ward being $7 - $10 Million a year. Being an Oregon product, he has the potential of coming to Philly, but will be over paid somewhere else.

James Ihedigbo ($620,000) 6'1 214lbs, 30 years old, this year has 101 tackles, 2 forced fumbles and 3 interceptions. He has been in the league sense 2008 from the Jets, Patriots and finally with the Ravens. This is his biggest season. Will be a high demand free agent asking for more than he is worth. Being 30, one great season, not being signed by the Eagles.

Chris Clemons ($2,750,000) 6'1 214lbs, 28 years old, this year has 89 tackles and 1 interception. His last two seasons he has been consistent player. Is he worth the current average of $3M a year. Of course, but looking at Kurt Coleman's Stats of 2011 being a total of 78 tackles, 1 force fumble, and 4 interceptions or his 2012 season of 93 tackles, 1 forced fumble, and 2 interceptions; why not just keep him? Will be picked up in free agency, but not from Eagles.

Bernard Pollard ($2,000,000) 6'1, 225lbs, 29 years old w/ 93 tackles, 0.5 sacks, and 3 interceptions. Pollard has played for the Chiefs, Texans, Baltimore, and Titans sense 2006. The question is why so many teams? He averages two years per team, but averages close to 95 tackles a year, 1 sack, 1 fumble, 1 interception a year. I say he is worth the $2M, but should be getting paid more. I say bring him to Philly, has attitude.

Donte Whitner ($4,933,333) 5-10, 208lbs, 28 years old. This season has 69 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 interceptions. From Cleveland, Ohio. He has Played for the Bills, and San Francisco averaging 80 tackles a year, but that is due to one big season of 140 tackles in 2010. He averages 1 interception per season and 1 forced fumble. Bernard Pollard would be a better price depending on how much he is asking for. Probably being resigned by the 49ers.

Charles Woodson ($1,800,000) I wont' go into detail. He is 37 years old and wants to play another season with the raiders. Wouldn't be surprised if he stays or ends up in Green Bay for a final season.

Malcolm Jenkins ($4,032,000) 6ft 204lbs, 26 years old with 67 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions. He has been with the saints sense 2009 averaging 70 tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception, and 1 fumble per season. With the development of the Rams Defense Coordinator walking out and DC: Ryan may not being the answer. I wouldn't be surprised if he stays.


Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (Alabama) 6-1, 209lbs: Projected Round: 1-2: Second Team ALL-SEC 2013, is said to be the 1st safety taken off the board in 2014 with who has fluid hips, accelerates well w/ soft hands and the ability to stop the run. in 2012 he had 37 total tackles, 5 interceptions, 4 passes deflected. In 2013: 45 tackles, 2 interceptions and four passes broken up. I wouldn't draft him due to the safety products out of Alabama.

Dion Bailey (USC) 6-0, 210lbs: Projected Round 2-3 has played linebacker and Safety throughout his college career, but has only played one season as a Safety. In 2013 had Shoulder Surgery. As a Sophomore recorded 80 tackles, 5 pass deflections, forced fumble, and 4 interceptions. As a junior 62 tackles, 5 INT, and 6 pass break ups. Has a lot of upside and a great pick in the 3rd.

Deone Bucannon (Washington State) 6-1, 215lbs: Projected Round 2 in 2012 second-team All Pac 12. In 2013 led the Pac-12 in tackles 109 and had five interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, and was named 2013 scariest defense player that can tackle. A must have for the Eagles.

Ed Reynolds (Stanford) 6'2, 205lbs: Projected Round 2-3 Rated the best safety in 2012. His production has dropped off this year, but he recorded 74 tackles, an interception and a three passes broken up. in 2012 he had 6 interceptions, 37 tackles, and 5 passes broken up in his first year starting as a safety. He needs to improve on his skills for the run support, but as a pass defender. He has the potential to be a starter.

Craig Loston (LSU) 6'2, 205lbs: Projected Round 3-4 in 2012 was named a Second-Team All-Sec selection w/ 55 tackles, 3 interceptions and a pass broken up. in 2013 he had similar stats, showing consistency. Has the ability to tackle in space/open-field. Downhill acceleration.

Ahmad Dixon (Baylor) 6'0, 205lbs: Projected Round 2-3 in 2013 had 70 tackles, 6 passes broken up and an interception. In 2012 he had 102 tackles, 2 interceptions, 3 passes broken up and a sack. In 2011: 89 tackles, 3 passes broken up, and an interception. Needs to work on coverage, but is a great run stuffer. Could possibly be the top 3 safeties drafted.

2014 Philadelphia Eagles Roster Safeties

Starting Safety: Earl Wolff and Bernard Pollard

Back ups: Deone Bucannon (will end up taking the starting spot from Earl Wolff), Kurt Coleman

What is your take? Who do you want? Who do you think the Safeties will be?

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