Eagles vs. Cowboys Final Score: Philadelphia Clinches NFC East Crown With Thrilling Win Over Dallas, 24-22

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Final game of the 2013 NFL regular season. Let's get it started.


Eagles win the toss, but defer. Cowboys get the ball first.

Dallas first possession. Kyle Orton starting at QB for the 'boys. Cowboys driving with some success. Dallas fumble! Mychal Kendricks knocks it out of the hands of Dallas running back DeMarco Murray. Eagles cornerback Bradley Fletcher catches the ball and the Eagles recover. Big play on a bend-but-don't-break drive.

Now it's time for the Eagles offense to show something. A catch and run from Chris Polk on third down gives the Eagles a big gain. Lane Johnson called for a holding call and the Eagles face a third and long. Pass is complete, but it's 4th and short. Chip Kelly doesn't go for it. Alex Henery field goal is good from 47 yards out. Eagles 3, Cowboys 0.

Henery comes up big again by kicking the ball out of the endzone for a touchback on the kickoff. That's a good way to neutralize Cowboys return man Dwayne Harris. Dallas takes the field on offense for the second time. Undrafted rookie DL Damion Square is trucked by DeMarco Murray on a play, but the Cowboys drive stalls. Punt.

Eagles second offensive drive. Foles connect with Ertz on a big third down conversion, and then LeSean McCoy runs for a big gain. Foles called for intentional grounding on a screen pass intended for McCoy, but next play is a big gain for a first by DeSean Jackson.


Still Eagles ball to start the second quarter. First play of the second quarter, Foles throws it up and Jason Avant grabs the jump ball. Great catch from the veteran. Next play, LeSean McCoy catches a short, easy pass for a TD. Philly up two possessions. Foles playing well. Good things! Eagles 10, Cowboys 0.

Cowboys ball after a decent kick return. Three and out. Punt.

Eagles on offense, long field to work with. Foles sacked on third down and the now the Eagles have to punt.

Cowboys up. Eagles force a third down but Dallas converts on a Terrence Williams catch down field. Murray helps run Dallas into the redzone, and a Gavin Escobar 17 yard catch and run TD gives the Cowboys their first score. Eagles defense not looking too sharp. Eagles 10, Cowboys 7.

Time to answer right back. McCoy fails to stick with his blocking on a play which sets up a third and long, but Avant helps move the chains. McCoy runs for a 16 yard gain soon after, which breaks the Eagles' single season rushing record. Eagles have to punt shortly after. Brandon Boykin called for (a tacky) fair catch interference on the return. Penalty breakdown so far: Eagles 5-45, Cowboys 0-0.

Cowboys up. Third and long strikes again as the Cowboys convert. 2 minute warning. Mychal Kendricks interception! Big play on a dropped pass from Witten. Crucial turnover.

Eagles take over and the first play is a pass down field to Brent Celek. Good throw and tough catch. Then Celek gets in on the action again with a catch and run for a touchdown! What a quick turnaround. Eagles 17, Cowboys 7.

Injury update: Jason Avant shoulder contusion, questionable to return.

Dallas up with a little over a minute to go in the first half. Cowboys driving. Eagles not offering much pass rush. Cowboys move into field goal range, and the Eagles get a stop on third down. Yes, you read that right. Dan Bailey drills the 44 yarder. Eagles 17, Cowboys 10.

Eagles get the ball back with 18 seconds left in the first half and three timeouts, but opt to kneel it down. End of the first half.


Eagles ball to start the second half. Foles is sacked on the first play and the Eagles end up going three and out. Not a great start. Punt.

Cowboys with a chance to tie things up. Dallas driving. The Cowboys move into FG range, and Orton chucks it up to Bryant in the endzone on third down. Boykin is there to knock it to the ground. Critical deflection. Cowboys kick a FG. Eagles 17, Cowboys 13.

Injury update: Jason Avant cleared to return.

Eagles really need to show something on this drive. But they don't. After a no-call on what could have been a pass interference call, the Eagles lose the ball on a Foles fumble as he is sacked. Not a great performance up front, and Foles is holding onto the ball for ages.

Dallas ball in good field position. Fortunately for Philly, it's a three and out for Dallas. Field goal is good. Eagles 17, Cowboys 16.

Eagles ball, nothing going, three and out. Frustration. Punt.

Dallas's turn, and they do nothing as well. Key stop by the Eagles defense. Punt. Decent return by DeSean Jackson.

Eagles ball. Hey, a first down! Shady helping the Birds move the ball. Eagles in scoring territory now. DeSean catches it right near the goal line but is stopped short. Fourth and goal on the inch line. Eagles going for it. They don't get it. Right call, bad execution. Turnover on downs.


Dallas ball. Moving down the field and they face a 4th and 1. Cowboys going for it. Connor Barwin comes up huge and deflects the Orton pass. Turnover on downs!

Eagles with the chance to seize control. Driving. Into field goal range. Into the redzone. Shady running. Now Bryce Brown running, and it's a touchdown! 6 yards for the score, and great blocking on the play. What a drive: 11 plays, 60 yards. Still a one possession game. Eagles 24, Cowboys 16.

Cowboys turn. Dallas answers back with some big plays down the field. Breaking: Dallas finally get called for a penalty. There was a weird issue with the play clock, so it shouldn't have even been called, but it did. Cowboys facing 4th and 9. And... the Cowboys get a touchdown. So there's that. Probably not the best call Bill Davis has ever made. Dallas going for a 2 point try. They don't get it, though. Eagles still in the lead. Cowboys have one timeout remaining. Eagles 24, Cowboys 22.

Eagles ball with 3:45 left in the game. Time to run some clock and move the ball. Or not. Foles slides on third down after being left with nothing to throw. Made the most of a bad situation. Eagles punt.

Dallas up. Huge drive for both teams here. First play, OH MY GOSH WHAT KYLE ORTON INTERCEPTION TO BRANDON BOYKIN. Kyle Romo! The Boy King lives! Talk about a clutch play.

Eagles run out the clock to advance to 10-6.



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