The Results of the 2nd annual prediction thread

Thanks to the new layout not a lot of people participated this year... Oh well... Here were my 2013 predictons.

1... The Vick prediction.... Can we call this a push? He didn't lose his job for sucking, but he lost his job because Foles really is the better QB.. Its hard to say he lost his job to injury too because hes healthy now and not starting. Either way, Im ecstatic the Vick experiment is behin dus

2, Not that this was a super bold prediction to begin with, but it was correct. However, I do think a few of our guys played at a pro bowl level: Cedric Thorton, Ryans (tough when theres a LOT of stud MLBs in the league)

3. Also correct

4. Jackson has exceeded my expectations. Finally someone who knows how to maximize his potential. He was great all year.

5. This MAY be correct, it may not. It was damn close though minus the TD thing. Heck of a yaer for McCoy

6.. This will go down as my WORST prediction ever lol

7. True.... BG doesn't seem to fit in this defense well

8. False... They TEs are coming on strong in the second half of the year though. Riley Cooper really surprised us too

9. Right on the money.... as of right now the Eagles are 16th in total scoring.. They are much improved from last year but prob could use the most upgrading too

10. Thankfully Im wrong on this..were better!

1. Michael Vick will be benched in favor of Nick Foles or Matt Barkley by week 8

Once Vick reminds people why he's not a good NFL QB, the hype dies down, Vick shows he's still the same QB he's always been -- he will be in benched.

2. No one of the defensive side of the ball will be invited to the pro bowl, or be an all pro selection.

This defense is young and it's trying to scab in players that dont fit the scheme. It needs another year or two to re-tool.

3. Bennie Logan will be the starting NT by week 8

He's been a pleasant surprise and I think he will end up starting over Spooky

4. DeSean Jackson will make game changing plays again of 50+ yards

Jackson will have at least 5 plays of 50+ yards this season. I have always been high on Jackson, he's our best WR. He forces teams to double him which opens up the rest of the offense (that does not show up on the stat sheet)

5. McCoy Will have a bounce back season with 1300 yards rushing and 12 TDs on the ground

Last year with Peters out I predicted McCoy was going to have a pedestrian season. Unfortunately, it was one of the times I didn't like being right. This year, the line is a little healthier.

6. Patrick Chung will be a fan favorite in the secondary

I don't know how to quantify this but Philly fans love physical players. Chung can lay the wood and will remind fans of Dawkins therefore making him a favorite. It helps that he plays very well in the box as well.

7. Vinny Curry has more sacks than Brandon Graham

I personally don't think BG has much value on a 3-4 team especially when we took him at 13 overall. He could probably produce somewhere else int he 4-3 more than he can here. Curry on the other hand looks great

8. Our TE's/H-Backs will collectively lead the team in TDs

I don't see the WRs (Jackson, Cooper, Avant) doing much scoring, they never have before, so why change now? I think the TEs are going to combine for about 12 TDs

9. Our defense will be ranked 16-18 in scoring

An improvement from last year, but not enough talent to make it above average.

10. The team will go either 7-9 or 8-8

Which is a monumental improvement from last year.

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