What to Root For: Schadenfreude Edition

Is it wrong to find joy in the fact that Tony Romo has had 2 back surgeries in the past 8 months and the Cowboys owe him 55 million dollars?

Here are my inner most thoughts on each potential first round opponent and what it would take for each to end up in the 6 seed.

New Orleans Saints

A few weeks ago I was terrified of this team, not so much now. The past few weeks the Saints have looked mediocre, granted this was on the road against a couple very talented defenses but still; they kinda look like shit. Jimmy Graham looks like he is playing hurt, there are actually stretches of game film where he doesn't look like a complete freak of nature. Kenny Vaccaro has been a big part of their D and is now out with a broken leg. At this point I'm ok with hosting the Saints. The simplest way for this to happen would be a 9ers win and a Panther win.

Sharkeisha Nooooo!!! Factor - 5 out of 10

San Francisco 49ers

Right now the 9ers are the 5 seed with a 1 in 4 chance of being the 6 seed. Their offense really seems to be playing well with the return of a few key players returning from injury. In the comments of last weeks column someone brought up coaching, I def think Harbaugh has a distinct advantage over any of the other coach against Chip Kelly. The 9ers being the 6 seed would most likely take place if they where to lose and the Saints where to win, this is the opposite of what i want to happen.

Sharkeisha Nooooo!!! Factor - 9 out of 10

Carolina Panthers

This is probably my least favorite first round opponent and it has nothing to do with them. Playing Carolina in the first round would mean we have to play the second round in New Orleans, that could suck...Reasons I'm not afraid of the Panthers.

  • Cam Newton isn't very good on 3rd down, as Doug Farrar pointed out.
  • Almost every game winning drive involves at least one play where Cam throws the ball into double coverage hitting a defender directly in the hands, somehow they always seems to drop it.
  • Steve Smith has a bum knee.
  • Yeah they have a great front 7, yeah they beat up on shitty teams but their DBs are all exploitable and the way our o line is playing there is no reason we can't handle them up front.

The Panthers would have to lose, the Saints would have to win and the Cards would have to lose to land the Panthers in the 6 spot.

Sharkeisha Nooooo!!! Factor - 1 out of 10

Arizona Cardinals

The Cards seem to be playing Great, if they get in the playoffs that means they are on a 4 game win streak with W's over the Seahawks in Seattle and the 9ers. IMO they have the best defense in the NFL, they are as talented as any team up front and their DBs are great. Even with the loss of the Honey Badger they have no trouble playing man press all day e'ry day. Theres is only one problem I see with this Team, Carson Palmer; The guy can still play at a really high level but at the same time he can also play at a really low level. He has posted multiple QBRs in the 90s this season and multiple QBRs in the teens, kinda the opposite of what you want out of your QB when you have a great Defense. The Cards have a slim chance to make the playoffs, even if they beat the 9ers they still need the Saints to lose.

Sharkeisha Nooooo!!! Factor - 6 out of 10

Last week I polled BGN to see who you wanted to face in the wild card round, the Cards were the overwhelming favorite with over 50% of the vote. This week I figured I'd go the opposite way. What to root for this weekend of coarse will be totally dependent on who you actually want or don't want to see in the wild card so for me I'm going with the Saints and def not the 9ers.

What to Root For Week 17


Panthers @ Falcons


9ers @ Cards

Sunday night

"Fucking score Points, Whats your plan?"

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