My Jerry Jones/Tony Romo "back" injury Conspiracy Theory

Let me start this by saying,I know it is far-fetched. However, this is not the first time that I think a player who's shoulders the franchise is leaning on, was attempted to be saved, by excuse of injury. I am on record on BGN saying that I didn't believe that Kevin Kolb sustained a concussion in Green Bay, when Clay Matthews' sack caused him to hit his chin on the field, sustaining a concussion. :-|

With that, I give you my reasoning.

Does anyone remember the play where he injured his "back"? My friend, LL Cool P, says all the beatwriters say he did it on the play before the one where he appeared to injure his leg. But I watched every play of that game and I dont remember him ever looking like he was in pain except after that play. And that pain, in my opinion, was CLEARLY in his leg.

So Ed Werder tweets just after the game that Jerry Jones said Romo had a herniated disc. Meanwhile, the head coach Jason Garrett, disagrees and says it was his leg or foot? My eyes say it was his leg or foot. And I would tend to believe the head coach over the Owner/GM, even when the Owner/GM thinks he is God.

I dealt with a bout of sciatica about five years ago. And I remember the exact moment when it happened, as does everyone that was around me at the time, as I nearly yelled out. Sciatica and a Herniated Disc are not quite the same thing, but my chiropractor told me during treatment that the worst thing I could do is rest it. He said that unless the pain was too much to handle, I needed to remain active.

Conspiracy Theory:

Jerry Jones shut down Tony Romo because, just like in his comments after the game where he was "considering the alternatives", he knows this team is not going to win the Superbowl. SImply put, they are just too flawed. The don't run the ball, despite the success that they have when they do. They don't play good defense, giving up yards at a historically bad pace. Their QB is, whether fair or not, known as a choke artist in December/January. And their head coach is as close to a lame duck as you can get...hanging on the same ledge as Leslie Frazier and Rex Ryan. (Evidence: He gave him the vote of confidence a week ago...just like he did before right he fired Wade Phillips. But sources say he has already backtracked on that privately.)

So, having just given Romo the deal that should see him retire a Cowboy, he knows he will never get the return on his investment if Romo was to fail against the Philadelphia Eagles in another win-and-get-in game or was to win that game but bow out in the first round of the playoffs again. Dallas Cowboys' fans would NEVER buy into him as their QB again...and if you don't believe in your QB, you can't believe in your team.

So what do you do? Jerry Jones, knowing he is going to run Garrett and Callahan out of town anyway at season's end, decides to save him from that by giving him an injury excuse. But he finished the game barely limping, so it had to be a well concocted one. What kind of pain is the hardest to see or prove with doctors? As a son of a mother that has Fibromyalgia, I can assure you it has to be back pain. Why else would the Owner/GM say it is a herniated disc and he is out for the remainder of the year but the head coach say it's a leg injury and he is day-to-day?


If we know one thing about the billionaire Jerry Jones, it's that he knows money and will always protect his investment. In my opinion, that is what he is doing with Romo right now. Because not even Cowboys fans, as delusional as they can be, would put their trust into #9 if he failed on the big stage again.

What do you all think???

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