What to Root For: You Tell Me Edition

Other then for Patrich Chung to unexpectedly retire....

At this point we are set for a week 17 show down in Dallas with the division tittle on the line. The only way that changes is if the Cowboys lose to the Redskins, then a win over there Bears would clinch the Division. Either way the game against the Bears on Sunday night has some major playoff implications to it.

A win over the Bears would put us in a great possition to be the 3 seed, the only way we could end up being the 4 seed after beating the Bears would be if we lost to the Caowboys in week 17 and the Packers won thieir last 2 games finishing at 9-6-1, a game ahead of us in the loss column. A loss to the Bears would relegate us to the 4 seed unless Detroit won the NFC north as both the Bears and the Packers would get the 3 seed over us. As far as the first round goes, with the NFC North and South still undecuded and 3 teams still alive for 2 wild card spots there are too many variables to accurately project match ups . The only thing I can say with any certaintiy is that there is a distinct advantage to being the 3 seed beasue you automatically don't have to play the second round against the Seahawks in Seattle. A win over the Bears and a Packers loss means the 3 seed Belongs to us if we win the NFC east.

I'v spent a considerable amount of time thinking of who I would want to face in the first round. If the season ended today it would be the 9ers but it still could be the Saints, Panther or Cardinals. Of those I think the obvious choice would def be the Cards, we seemed to match up well against them and Carson Palmer is probably the least threatening QB of that bunch. My other thought was what about the Saints? Kinda Crazy but here me out. As much as I don't want to play against the Seahawks in the seattle I think playing the Saints in The Super Dome could be worse. I think we match up terribly against the them and they have been dominant at home. The Saints look like a completly different team on the road and hosting them in the first round would mean we go to Carolina in the second round as opposed to the other way around. My logic is that the difference between the Saints or any other wild card team in the first round is far less then the difference between playing in New Orleans and playing in Carollina. I started using the ESPN Playoff Machine to see how that could happen, and low and behold look what I created...


We get to play the Cards in the first round without any worry of traveling to the Super Dome...

It took a Win over he Bears and Cowboys, a Packers Loss, 2 Saints loses, the Lions wining out and the 9ers beating the Falcons and then losing to the Cards who would have to beat the Seahawks on the road this week. All I want for Christmas is a 10 team parlay...

I created a poll below to see who people would want to play in the first round. let every one know who you voted for and why in the comments, you can even use the playoff machine to see what it would take to make it happen. If you're like me and want to host Carson Palmer in the first weekend of January while the Saints are at home on the couch then this is

What to Root For week 16:


Skins vs Cowboys

Panthers vs Saints


Lions vs Giants

Cards @ Seahawks

Steelers @ Packers

Sunday night

Daaaa Birds!!!

Monday night

9ers vs Falcons

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