5 Key Reasons We Lost The Vikings Game

Here are my 5 thoughts on why we lost: 1) Coaching

A mis-step for Kelly and the gang. The kicking plan was terrible, giving them good field position all day and based on fear. Gameplans based on fear send the wrong message, instead of giving your team a challenge to step up to. The offensive plan was supposed to be attacking the weak point of their defense, seems they forgot about Jared Allen and the Vikings front. Have to hand it to them, they stepped up their game. Lesean is one of the top backs in the league and we hardly used him. I really felt we should've utilized the screen game more in the first half. I'm not sure what the defensive plan was but it wasn't good. There were obvious gambles and questionable decisions/mistakes. Going for it on 4th down at your own 24. The two point try issue that they called a TO for. There was another drive where we had 3rd and two near mid-field(perhaps in Vikes territory) and instead of running it twice, knowing it was 4 down area, they called a pass and Foles got sacked for a loss forcing a punt.

2) Eagles O-line vs Vikes D-line

Strength vs strength here. I guess the coaches thought our strength was better than theirs. Not on this day. The Vikings harried Foles all day, hitting him, sacking him 4 times. I can't say they were good against the run b/c we didn't really try.

3) Vikings O-line vs Eagles D-line

The Vikings O-line must've come in prepared to pass block more with AP out. They gave Cassel plenty of time and space. We sacked him three times but not enough pressure overall. They smacked us in the mouth on both sides of the trenches, O and D and it's hard to win any game when you lose both sides of the trench war.

4) Secondary

Greg Jennings looked young again, or did we make him look young again? The receivers got separation from our corners all day. Fletcher, who has been solid, played his worst game. Cary Williams played poorly, which is not abnormal, and then lost his cool. The safeties were a mess. Nate Allen was a ghost and Chung was, well, Chung.

5) Alex Henery

The only reason they had that stupid game plan was because this guy can't kick a ball out of the endzone in a dome. Limp-leg Henery. I also wouldn;t trust him to kick a clutch FG with the game on the line. Hopefully, the coaching staff has seen enough and they get a guy with a big leg this off-season. There may be some good FAs out there, Robbie Gould, Jay Feely, Phil Dawson.

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