NFL Power Rankings 2013: Week 15, Eagles Flying High

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Ranking all 32 NFL Teams.

Now that Week 14 of the NFL is over, it's that time to see where all 32 teams rank. For reference purposes, here is a link to last week's NFL Power Rankings.

The Eagles are flying high with their fifth straight win coming over the Lions on Sunday.

Let's dive right in.


1) Denver Broncos (Last Week: 2) - Denver scored 51 points and Matt Prater nailed an NFL record breaking 64 yard long kick. The Broncos score an average of 40 points a game. That's ridiculous.

2) Seattle Seahawks (LW: 1) - Lost, and missed an opportunity to harm their division rivals, but the Seahawks are still in very good shape.

3) New Orleans Saints (LW: 5) - New Orleans' offense put up impressive numbers on a tough Carolina defense. The Saints were out to prove that they're the best team in the NFC South.

4) New England Patriots (LW: 4) - Another close call in a game that didn't have business being close. The Pats keep finding ways to win these kind of games, and having Tom Brady certainly helps.

5) San Francisco 49ers (LW: 6) - Crucial win over the Seahawks. San Francisco is riding a three game winning streak. They own the league's fifth best point differential (+102).

6) Carolina Panthers (LW: 3) - A top offense beats a top defense, or at least that was the case in New Orleans. Carolina's long winning streak came to an end.

7) Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 7) - The Bengals won at home by easily handling a struggling Colts team.

8) Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 8) - Absolutely crushed a lifeless Washington team. The Chiefs needed a win like this to snap their three game losing streak.

9) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 9) - Hottest team in the NFL. Legitimately good. First place in the NFC East.

10) Arizona Cardinals (LW: 12) - Rebounded nicely after losing the week before. The Cardinals are still fighting for a an NFC wildcard spot.

11) Chicago Bears (LW: 15) - A brilliant offensive performance against a poor Dallas defense in the freezing cold. The Bears are looking good with Josh McCown at QB and they're making a run for the NFC North lead.

12) Baltimore Ravens (LW: 14) - Won a game they had no business winning on the final play. Four wins in their last five games. The Ravens are really good at home (6-1) but fare poorly on the road (1-5).

13) Indianapolis Colts (LW: 10) - I really don't like how this team has played lately. Fun fact: Since becoming the Eagles' starting quarterback, Nick Foles has more fantasy points as a runner than Trent Richardson does in that same span.

14) Dallas Cowboys (LW: 11) - Oof, that Dallas defense. Their Monday night loss marked the sixth time this year their defense has surrended more than 475 yards in a game. Also consider there have been three games this year where a team didn't have to punt. Dallas was involved in two of them.

15) Miami Dolphins (LW: 16) - The Dolphins would be the sixth seed in the AFC if the season ended today. Can they hold onto their playoff spot?

16) Detroit Lions (LW: 13) - If not for Brent Celek sliding to end the game, the Lions would have surrendered an NFL record 36 points in the fourth quarter to the Eagles. The Lions are tied for the second most giveaways in the NFL (28).

17) San Diego Chargers (LW: 17) - Convincing home win over NYG. Phillip Rivers' still got it. Still buried in a tough division.

18) Green Bay Packers (LW: 21) - Won their first game of the season without Aaron Rodgers. Speaking of the devil, will he be back this week? The Packers aren't dead yet.

19) St. Louis Rams (LW: 17) - The Rams might end up with two picks in the top 10.

20) Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 19) - Eliminated from the AFC North race. The Steelers are playing better football than they were at the beginning of the year but too little, too late.

21) Tennessee Titans (LW: 20) - Smoked by the Broncos on the road. It sounds like Titans head coach Mike Munchak could be on his way out.

22) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 27) - Don't look now but the Bucs have won four out of their last five games.

23) New York Giants (LW: 22) - Eli Manning was heckled out in San Diego and the Giants lost big. NYG's loss officially eliminated them from the playoff race.

24) Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 28) - Oh yes! The Jaguars! Three game winning streak! All aboard the Gus Bus!

25) Cleveland Browns (LW: 26) - Blew a late lead to New England on the road. Showed a lot of fight considering the circumstances.

26) Minnesota Vikings (LW: 25) - Allowed the Ravens to score 22 points in the fourth quarter and surrendered the game winning touchdown with 4 seconds left to play.

27) New York Jets (LW: 29) - Ended their three game losing streak but I'm still not buying this team. They're worse than their record indicates. To their credit, scoring 37 points is a step in the right direction. Even if was against the lowly Raiders.

28) Buffalo Bills (LW: 23) - Got their butts kicked by the Bucs. E.J. Manuel throwing four interceptions sure didn't help matters.

29) Oakland Raiders (LW: 24) - Three straight losses for the Raiders. Oakland ran out of healthy running backs so they were forced to start fullback Marcel Reece at that position.

30) Atlanta Falcons (LW: 30) - Couldn't beat Matt Flynn. To be fair, the game was at Lambeau, but still.

31) Washington Redskins (LW: 31) - Complete mess.

32) Houston Texans (LW: 32) - Eleven straight losses. Swept by the Jaguars. Head coach fired.

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