First 7-5 Mock!

Big win going up against the Hot Cards. Good all around play and coaching from are Birds. I do mocks a lot and this is the first one this year. As for the rest of the season we win out winning the division. We win the wild card while losing in the division round. We earn the 25th pick in the draft and get ready to build a winner.


Riley Cooper- 3 years Good connection with Foles.

Colt Anderson- 1 year Great ST player

Nate Allen- 2 years Serviceable player but could upgrade

Donnie Jones- 2 years Do I need to say anything?

Ced Thorton- 4 years Great run defender. Good building piece moving forward.

Let go/Cuts

Mike Vick- He wants to start

Arrelious Benn- Always hurt

Jermey Maclin- Tests the market and gets paid else where. Yes I know he was hurt but that won't stop needy teams like the Rams.

Kurt Coleman- Not that good. Good ST'er but we can get a better, cheaper option at safety.

Clifton Geathers- Hasn't seen the field a whole lot lately.

Pat Chung- Better Cheaper Options at S

Jason Avant- Gotten slower and we decide to move on to better cheaper faster options in the slot.

Chris Polk- Can't seem to get on the field anymore.

Free Agents/Trades

Jarius Byrd- 4 Years we get are biggest free agent signing of the offseason by adding the former Duck. Upgrades the secondary instantly.

Derek Anderson- 1 year Allows Barkley to move to the 3rd string and learn. Veteran Back up will be needed.

Mario Manningham- 1 year comes here as a prove it deal. Battles in camp for the slot position.

Trade! Brandon Graham traded to Minn for a 4th and a future pick.

Why Minn does this, they already need a pass rusher and now Jared Allen leaves for free agency. They get a young good hungry pass rusher to add to that D-Line.

Why Philly does this, Brandon really isn't getting his chance here so we move on getting 2 picks for him.


Picks 1;25, 2;26, 3;24, 4;5(from minn), 4;25, 5;26, 6;24, 7;25

Now I'm gonna do a quick mock up until the Eagles pick. It might be a little hard to read as I don't want to put too much space into this.


Pitt,Nix;Buff,Ifo;SD,Barr;NYJ,Bortles;Chi,A.Richardson OT

Philly trades 1;25 4;5(from minn) and next yrs 3rd to GB for the 15th pick

With the 15th pick the Eagles select Khalil Mack OLB Buffalo

Why GB does this, they need extra picks with problems along the Oline, Secondary, and the wide outs. They get extra picks while THEIR guy wasn't on the board.

Why the Eagles do this we need a pass rusher and their is teams in front of us that need one that like Mack. We slide up 10 spots to grab him.

Picks after the trade 2;26, 3;24, 4;25, 5;26, 6;24, 7;25

With the 2;26 the Eagles select Marqise Lee WR USC

You think he is going to fall to the 2nd? Yes he has had a bad year and a lot of people are saying he had one good year thats it. Well I think he is struggling because that QB situation. If Lee's there in the second Chip proved he takes his former Pac-12 guys.

With the 3;24 the Eagles select E.J Gaines CB Missou

Corner with some upside. Physical enough can play safety if needed.

With the 4;25 the Eagles select De'Anthony Thomas RB/WR Oregon

I mean I think he will last this long. He has had a slow year but he could bounce back with his old coach. How could we use him? Watch how the Chiefs use Mcluster.

With the 5;26 Brandon Thomas OG Clemson

I personally like this guy. He isn't the the athletic kind of guard Chip likes but he handles his own in the run and pass, and in the NFL you need guys like that. He can come in and give Todd some sweats in camp.

With the 6;24 pick the Eagles select DeAndre Coleman DE/NT Cal

Takes Geathers spot. Good player who loves to get physical. Can pass rush and stop the run. Gets a little lazy at times but Chip can whip that out of him.

With the 7;24 pick the Eagles select Sean Parker S Washington

Just a throw out their pick, I watched Washington on a shit game and he played well. He was the standout of that D and isn't afraid to make a tackle. Good project.

I won't put together a depth chart because I didn't fill out the roster. Their will be other minor moves to fill out that Oline and Dline.

Tell me what you think. Bash it tear it apart, so I could make a better one when the Eagles play their last game.

My pics weren't going in
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