Eagles cap going forward

All numbers I use in this article will either come from or

The number between the two sites differ slightly on some things and all numbers are not 100% official, so take that into account.

Right now the Eagles have an estimated cap space of $18-19 mill. This is really great because in the new CBA; a team can carry over any unused cap space to the following year. There is no cap or limit on how much cap space can be carried over. The only limit is that a team has to spend 89% of the salary cap over a 4 year period, starting this year.

Next year the Eagles salary is estimated to be just around $116 mill and a conservative guess at the salary cap is $126 mill. This gives the Eagles $10 mill in cap space before we account for the carried over money and potential cuts or restructured contracts.

The following is a list of what I would call, 100% cutted:

Trent Cole: He carries a cap hit of $6.6 mill with $4.8 in dead money for a cap savings of $1.8. Cole is done, he might be a good teammate and run defender, but he is not worth that type of money for his crappy pass rush production.

Patrick Chung: He has already lost his starting spot too rookie Earl Wolff and you do not pay 3.25 mill for a often hurt backup safety.

Jason Avant: Seems he is losing playing time to Ertz and Maehl, we save 3.25 mill by cutting him and you can get a cheaper FA who can do what he does at this point in his career.

James Casey: He is almost only playing ST and you do not give a ST ace 4 mill.

After these cuts and adding the carry over cap, the Eagles would enter FA with 40 mill dollars in space and that is before potential restructured contracts.

The following list of players is guys who might have to take a slight pay cut

Celek: Ertz is outplaying as a receiver, but Celek is one of the best blocking TEs in the game.

Peters: He is getting paid almost 11 mill with no dead money next year. Peters is still a very good LT, but is he still elite, can he bounce back or is he in decline and how steep will that be?

Ryans: He is getting paid like a playmaking top ILB. While he is steading force, he isnt the same guy who signed this contract.

Im not so sure on Peters and Celek, but I 100% think Ryans will have his salary cut by around 2 mill.

This leaves the Eagles with around $42 mill in cap space. Sadly there isnt that many great players in next years FA class, but there will be a few good ones and we will have the space to pay for them.

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