Let's talk Manziel (cross-post from r/Eagles)

I didn't wanna do this, but I feel it's a conversation worth having. (I apologize if this has been a post before)

For the record, I want it known that if the Eagles were to get a QB in the upcoming 2014 draft-we do have holes almost everywhere except RB-I would honestly prefer Mariota. Short learning curve, him and Chip are already familiar with one another, and he seems to have all the tools needed to efficiently run our offense. The only problem is he might not even declare, and even if he does, he might go too high in the draft out of our reach.

So, with that being said, let's talk about another name that could potentially head to the Birds, Johnny Football himself.

I will admit, outside of highlights, that I don't watch much of him. I mostly only really watch College Football to check out some talent I hope the Eagles draft (and Oregon thanks to Chip and, so I am nowhere near an expert on evaluating Manziel's play. I will say that in the last two games I watched, Manziel threw for 4TDs each, running for a few more. Contrary to my/popular belief, it was not all the OL/Mike Evans, he made some really good throws...I'll be watching his games much more closely as we inch closer and closer to draft season.

When I do watch him, I want to say that I see Tebow 2.0, Leinhart 2.0, or another universally amazing college guy who just stunk in the NFL...but I feel as if that's unfair to an extent. He has the most of the tools it seems, with the only knock on that being his height. And I can deal with his 6'1" compared to Vick's 5'11". He can make almost all of the throws with pretty good zip from what I can tell. He can extend the play and make things happen, which can be both good and bad. A lot of the negative things I see from him (barring attitude, but we'll get there) seem to be from mechanics and decision-making, which with good coaching, can be improved dramatically in a 20 year-old player.

Which brings me to my next point: Chip scouted him. Chip wanted him for Oregon. Despite the fact that our offense is not a copy of Oregon's doesn't mean it doesn't share some similar ideas...don't you think a guy Chip had interest in at least warrants a conversation? Despite the 3-5, I like Chip as a coach a lot, and I think he wants to win at all costs; no one can really deny that Manziel is a winner too. If you hate Chip so far, then I can't really sway you, but if you trust him for at least a few more years like me, then I think that you might see how Chip could coach the crap outta him...

Including the stupid. Yes, Manziel is the one of the stupidest players I've the field. A big reason for all of the attention and negativity he gets is because he's in the national spotlight; more and more these days it seems as if the more people know your name, the more people know every single indiscretion you make (looking at you Miley). This leads to people forming their own opinion of you, sometimes accurate and sometimes just purely based on media coverage (again, looking at you Miley).

At the end of the day, that's kinda what I think Manziel is attitude-wise. Yes, he seems like a douche sometimes, but that has nothing to do with how receptive he can be to coaching or his success in the NFL-just look at players like Jay Cutler or Dez Bryant: assholes who have been stars in the NFL. Not putting him on the same level as those guys, but just saying that attitude and success are not mutually exclusive.

So when April rolls around, wherever the Eagles are in the draft, if Goodell says "The Philadelphia Eagles select: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M" I don't think I will be anywhere near as angry as I would be if you told me that earlier this year.

HOLY SHIT! I wrote an essay accidentally...haha, I'm wrapping up I promise!

For those of you who didn't click off of this post after seeing the length, I would love to see your thoughts on this subject, positive or negative. Granted, I hope you bring legitimate reasons to the table other than "LOL Manziel is just Tebow!" or "I HATE JOHNNY FOOTBALL", things like that. If not, you will respectfully be ignored.

TL; DR: I'm not a Manziel defender, but I am slowly warming to the idea of drafting him; let's discuss.

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