College Football (What to Watch in Week 14-Happy Thanksgiving Edition)

(still biased)

Rivalry Week!

This week brings out a lot of match ups that can be really good. Some of the teams in rivalries are not the best but are always much MUCH better during rivalry games. This week is must watch for college football fans.

Thursday 11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving):

Texas Tech at Texas (Texas should have the better defense over TTU. Gut hunch here? TTU wins. This all depends on if TTU's offense can overcome Texas D. Remember at the beginning of the season when everyone thought Mack Brown would be fired at the end of the year? Careful, this could still happen regardless of the outcome here. There has been some shakeups within the Texas organization this year, at least if you believe the talking heads ((As an afterthought, try not to believe the talking heads.))

Ole Miss at Mississippi State (As was pointed out to me by a poster in last weeks thread, this Ole Miss team is a lot better than in years past. I have no faith here in Miss State.)

Friday 11/29/2013:

Oregon at Oregon State (My Ducks just came off a nasty loss to Arizona, who may very well have one of if not the best RB in the nation. The Beavers have a very prolific passing attack but little run game. The Ducks beat passing attack games like that sharpshooter kid who owns all the marbles on the playground. Don't bet on the Beavs in this one.)

Iowa at Nebraska: (Hunch is that Nebraska wins. If Iowa actually had an offense they could be a spectacular team.)

SMU at Houston: (Gonna go with the Cougars in this one.)

East Carolina at Marshall: (No idea who wins this one.)

Bowling Green at Buffalo: (Khalil Mack? Yes please.)

Texas State at Troy: (Two middling teams trying to prove a point.)

Arkansas at LSU (LSU will try to not get embarrassed. With only three wins and their most impressive win being a 34-14 win over the Ragin Cajuns, Arky really, really sucks.)

Fresno State at San Jose State (Carr)

Miami at Pitt: (Sighs... I want to bet on Miami here, but they just look bad a lot of the time.)

Washington State at Washington: (Most people will pick the Huskies, but I think that ultimately Leach is the better coach and now the Cougars are bowl eligible. I like WSU from that stand point and it feels like they are starting to gel. Last year they beat the Huskies ((IIRC)) and they were not near as good as they are this year.)

Saturday 11/30/2013:

Florida State at Florida: (Why FSU will win blocking. Seriously? Seriously... Why FSU will lose? Anything can happen in Rivalry week I guess, but Orange and Blue look to be losing you money this week.)

Minnesota at Michigan State: (MichU will likely win. In fact if they do, don't bet against them vs Ohio State later on.)

Ohio State at Michigan: (Not feeling tOSU as much as their record indicates that they are a great team, but still would bet on them here.)

Duke at North Carolina: (Blue Devils should take this one but NC has played tough earlier in the year.)

Wake Forest at Vanderbilt: (Vandy has the better record but I have no idea which team is actually better this year.)

Colorado at Utah: (Both teams are 4 and 7 but have looked respectably better than last year. Utah beat Stanford in a great game. Utes are up and down regularly, likely due to depth, and Rado has a really, really good WR.)

Wyoming at Utah State: (Keaton)

BYU at Nevada: (Nevada can be up and down but I'd bet on BYU in this one and BYU is pretty good this year.)

Alabama at Auburn: (Excited for this game and the Oregon OSU game more than any others. Auburn may win this one. Wouldn't bet against Alabama but their D is clearly not what they were the last few years.)

Georgia at Georgia Tech: (Same records going into the game. GT is not very good, but neither is Georgia.)

Idaho at New Mexico State: (Battle for last place?)

Boston College at Syracuse: (Andre Williams Waka Waka.)

Penn State at Wisconsin: (Wiscy should win here.)

Baylor at TCU: (Was anyone really shocked to find out that Baylor's defense was hit or miss? Lache Seastrunk rocks now that he has his head on straight and plays in the Big 12.)

Arkansas State at Western Kentucky: The Hilltoppers are quietly working their way toward being a good team.)

Iowa State at WVU: (Neither team is good this year but the Cyclones are yearly due for an upset or two over teams they should lose to.)

Tennessee at Kentucky: (Kentucky is FAWFUL!)

Stanfurd at Notre Dame: (Go Furd!)

ULM at LA-Lafeyette: (Ragin Cajuns have one of the two coolest names in College Football.)

Clemson at South Carolina: (South Carolina is overrated but Clemson sure seems to be that way at times as well. The real question is which Clemson will show up?)

aTm at Missouri: (I would bet on Missouri in this one.)

UCLA at USC: (This would be right up there for games to watch with Alabama-Auburn and Oregon OSU)

Arizona at Arizona State: (On paper ASU should win this, but can they stop KaDeem Carey? This matchup is often wrought with upsets and right now Arizona is feeling it. The question is do they feel it too much or keep their momentum rolling?)

San Diego State at UNLV: (Last watchable game of the night, unless you want to watch Army at Hawaii. Hawaii is last place in NCAA football this year right now, and it doesn't look to be trending up.)

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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