What to Root For: Post Season In The Cards

So the Giants decision to have Antrell Rolle in single coverage on Dez Bryant for the final drive of the gameleaves us in second place with five games to play. Still in control of our own fate but with little shot at a tie breaker if we fall a game back of the Cowboys.

Head 2 Head Division record Common Games Conference record Strength of victory

Eagles 0-1


4-4 5-2 .341
Cowboys 1-0 ★ 4-0★ 4-4 6-2★ .371★

You can see any hope of going into week 17 a game behind the Cowboys and winning a tie breaker would hinge on the Cowboys losing a game in the division before then. Week 16 at Washington is the only division game left on their schedule, so yeah... Aside from the Cowboys losing to possibly the worst team in the NFL we must keep pace over the next 4 weeks.

Brandon Lee Gowton did a great job of comparing the Eagles/Cowboys remaining games and while keeping pace is certainly doable it's far from certain. After facing the Raiders this week the Cowboys could end up playing a Jay Cutler-less Bears team, an Aaron Rodgers-less Packers team and a purposeless Red Skins team, not exactly murderers row. In many peoples opinion the Cards are the toughest opponent on our remaining schedule so a win sunday would be huge as far as keeping grasp on the division.

A loss to the Cads would do 2 things, It takes our shot at the division out of our hands and requires a Cowboys loss (I'm assuming the Cowboys beat the Raiders on Thursday). It would also all but end our chances at a wild card as it would effectively put us 3 games back of the Cards with only 4 left to play. Currently we have about a 40% chance of making the playoffs; a win over the Cards increase that to over 50% a loss and we would be below 30%... If you wann aknow where I got these numbers check out this awesome site with playoff odds!!!

A win over the Cards also puts us one game back of the 9ers for the 6th and final playoff spot. Here are the current standings

6 San Francisco 7 4 0

7 Arizona 7 4 0

8 Philadelphia 6 5 0

9 Chicago 6 5 0

10 Green Bay 5 5 1

This weekend a win over the Cards and a 9ers loss to the Rams would put us in the 6th playoff spot. Besides that we want the Bears to lose to the Viks and I'm thinking we want the Packers to beat the Lions, here's my line of thought on that one. The Packers win keeps them alive for both the NFC north and a wild card which I believe would increase the chances of Aaron Rodgers returning. I kinda get the feeling that the packers could shut him down for the year if they where knocked out of playoff contention. When the Packers play the Cowboys in 3 weeks they either win and do us a huge favor in the division or they lose and hurt their wild card chances, for the time being its important that the Packers stay in the playoff hunt. While Im at it I'll ad that we want the Saints and Panthers to lose too so when we run the table and end up 11-5 we get a first round bye. All this is conjecture and requires a win Sunday, bottom line; it's time to sac up and handle our business at home against a talented team thats been playing well.

One game season...

What to Root For quick refrence guide

(Teams to root for listed in Bold)

Thursday Nov. 28th

  • Packers @ Lions
  • Raiders @ Cowboys

Sunday Dec. 1st

  • E-A-G-L-E-S vs Cards
  • Vikings vs Bears
  • Bucs @ Panthers
  • Rams @ 9ers

Monday Dec. 2nd

  • Seahawks vs Saints
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