Chip Kelly "I thought the Redskins would give up easier"

Caught off guard by a teen reporter from Tiger Beat, Chip Kelly gave candid insights as to why he has taken his foot off the petal and twice let the Redskins back into games.

Teen: "Coach, uh, like what gives? stupit?"

CK: "well at Oregon, when we'd beat the tar out of a team in the 1st half, the other team would spend the 2H looking in the stands for a cute girl to ask out or to find out where the best kegger was going to be"

Teen: "er, uh, keggers.....what's that?"

CK: "I mean let's face it, we beat the living sh*t out of those bastards. They couldn't move the ball, we're beating them up physically all over the field and meanwhile, I'm literally closing my eyes and stabbing at the play sheet and everything's gaining 8 or more yards. Hell, we ran a QB sneak on 3rd and 20 that gained 44 yards, with a nice slide by Nick at the end, I might add"

Teen: "ooh,you said 'sh*t'.....ooh"

CK: "so i'm thinking we've got to play these guys next year and what's going to happen when I've been in the league a full year and print out the really good plays?! we go up 44-0 after one qtr, the fans go home and then what happens to concession sales? Lurie will kill me"

Teen: "ooh, you said 'concession'....what's that?"

CK: "ok, so i'm starting to realize that 28 year old pros who have multi-year, multi-$M contracts riding on the line might not give up so easy"

Teen: "28 years old?! that's old !"

CK: "well, it's older than the guys we beat 66-3 at Cal State Fullerton. and i'll tell you something else, these Pros have a lot more attitude"

Teen: "Bingo Dr. Einstein, this ain't College ball and in case you haven't noticed, the 3rd string men in the Pros are better than the starter boys in the Pac-10 but more importantly Coach, the guys who make the Pros are seriously angry grown men who only get more pissed off the more they fall behind. Did you ever see Ray Lewis in the 4th qtr when the Ravens were down by 20? He was going to take someone's head off before he walked off the field. So, do us all a favor, take these, two identical lessons to heart and keep pushing until it's at least a 3 score (incl 2 pt conversions) with no more than 3 minutes to go, got it ?! might want to watch a 2010 film tape of Miracle at the New Meadowlands. That wasn't even a great Eagles team...they were just pissed off professionals behind to a team they don't like with enough time to do what could physically be done"

CK: "ok, gee whiz little Lindsay, take it easy. you sound just like a Eagles fan hell bent for winning a Super Bowl"

Teen: "we're 100% behind you Chip...100%....just don't ever do this again"

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