College Football (What to Watch in Week 13)

(biased as per usual)

Wednesday November 20th:

N. Illinois at Toledo (Because if you want to squeeze in some football on a Wednesday night, this would be the way to do it.)

Thursday November 21st:

Rutgers at UCF (UCF should take this one.)

Friday November 22nd:

Navy at San Jose State (More footbaw!!!!)

Saturday November 23rd:

Cincinatti at Houston: (Should be fairly well matched.)

Michigan at Iowa (Iowa has a good defense with little offense. Michigan doesn't seem sure who they are.)

Oklahoma at Kansas State (Last year this would have been huge.)

Mississippi State at Arkansas (Because Arkansas could give California a run for their money on being bad.)

Pittsburgh at Syracuse (Another should be evenly matched game.)

Coastal Carolina at South Carolina (WHAT? Coastal Carolina may not be playing anybody, but other than one game they have beaten a lot of nobodies by a lot. Also, South Carolina is overrated as all get out. Having said that, EUSC should win this one.)

Georgia Southern at Florida (GSouthern will likely lose but currently holds a better record than Florida.)

Chattanooga at Alabama (Because everyone is talking about the Mocs.)

Oregon at Arizona (Another brawl in the desert.)

Idaho at Florida State (Go Vandals)

BYU at Notre Dame (Going to avoid stereotypes and just say should be a good game.)

aTm at LSU (Should be a good game. How many picks will JFootbaw throw?)

Boston College at Maryland (Evenly matched.)

Wisconsin at Minnesota (Wiscy should win this, but hasn't looked much like the Wiscy of a couple years ago.)

Indiana at Ohio State (Unlikely, but tOSU could get caught looking ahead here.)

Utah at Washington State (Until last week, Utah was the team in the Pac that hung with everyone despite it's record, and managed to beat Stanford.)

Colorado State at Utah State (Chuckie Keaton)

California at Stanford (Yes it is a rivalry game, but Cal is AWFUL.)

Arizona State at UCLA (My pick for game of the week.)

Vanderbilt at Tennessee (Both hit or miss teams.)

Missouri at Ole Miss (Ole Miss snuck back into the rankings, but no one believes that they belong there. I may not speak for everyone sure, but let's be honest... Ole Miss is pretty bad. The win over LSU was probably more a reflection on LSU than a turned a corner moment. How is that top twenty five worthy? Missouri has been fun to watch.)

Baylor at Oklahoma State (Earlier I had a pick for game of the week. I wouldn't be surprised if this was just as good.)

USC at Colorado (USC should win, but Colorado has a really good wide receiver.)

Washington at Oregon State (These are two teams trying to get that seventh win on the season, and the road ahead for each of them could be rough. Next week Washington plays WSU, whom it tends to struggle with, and Oregon State plays at Oregon.)

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