The Most....And Least...

The season's halfway point has passed and we are headed into the bye week in first place. It feels like an eon of disappointment(2 years) is starting to fade and we are coming out of the tunnel into what appears to be a bright future. We have a young nucleus of defensive lineman, our LB core is legit and Nick Foles seems to be playing his way into the our franchise QB and a legit top tier starting QB. I thought it would cool to debate who is the most valuable/least valuable: offensive player, defensive player, DL, OL, LB, DB and coach.

Our most valuable DL thus far is Ced "the Destroyer" Thorton. Logan has really come on strong, especially last game vs the Skins. But the most consistent disruptive DL has been "the Destroyer". He has been Colossus in the run game. He's handling his business fo sho.

Least valuable DL who plays is Brandon Graham. My arch nemesis EvilBanner called him "Bustin" Graham. I wouldn't go that far. I actually think he has been solid in spots. But 10 tackles and 1 sack is not what a player who was drafted in the first half of the round should be doing. And for that reason he is my LVDL. Before you jump on this and say, MJB you're an idiot he is a LB....I know but I couldn't pick Logan or Flex and since the OLB/elephant position is a standing DL/LB hybrid he's my pick. Boo me!

When it comes to a consistent play at OL I think Mathis wins this walking away. I'm not a guy who watches the OL during the game. I notice them when they do something great like pancake someone when they're pulling or horrible like holding or allowing a sack. Shred this if you want.

The LVOL has to be Todd " I have a thick neck to hold up my HUGE head" Herremans. He's had some very good games. but he's also had some really bad ones. He used to be a guy who you could slide from one side of the line to the other or even slide him out to OT and not worry about him. Recently(last year) his play has begun to slip and for that he is my LVOL.

LB is a tough call for me. I was a HUGE fan of the Barwin FA pick up this summer. For a few reasons: one bc he played in the 3-4 with DeMeco on a dominating defense, two bc he brought an athleticism/versatility to this LB core we didn't have before him and finally because I heard him on sports talk the day he was acquired talk about defensive schemes and his obsession with detail/watching film and I knew he had the right attitude for a successful defensive overhaul. So far he has produced: 43 tackles(most on the outside), 4 sacks(tied for most on team), 1 INT, 1 FF and 10 PD's. He is the utility man. Pass rush, coverage and making plays. He edged out DeMeco for the MVLB.

The LVLB hands down has been Cole. He has shined bright at points but really has been quiet in his transition. He had a BIG game this week but besides that he's been lukewarm and that's generous.

MVDB is Boykin. He has had his struggles BUT he has made a ton of big plays, tackled well and has been a consummate teammate and professional.

The LVDB has been "everybody Wang" Chung tonight(not politically correct you say?) I don't prescribe to that. Light humor/light hearted life. Injured or just inconsistent he has been a let down. Luckily Wolf and Allen are playing very well.

Easily Chip is the MVC. His system, the teams progress from week 1 to now and the way his personnel has just worked out.

MVOP is Foles. With him in, every guy on the offense has been more potent. Say what you want but he is spreading the ball and running this system perfectly.

MVDP is DeMeco. The QB of this defensive has been playing lights out. 96 tackles, 2 INTs, 2 sacks 4PD's and keeping the unit playing as a unit.

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