Eagles-Redskins Final Score: Philadelphia holds on for a HOME WIN over Washington, 24-16

Rich Schultz


Big game. Time to win at home. End the streak.


Redskins win the toss, elect to receive first. Roughing the passer penalty on the first play.  Not a smart hit from Fletcher Cox. Redskins WR Pierre Garcon gets hit on a reverse and looks shaken up. Redskins move to the 39 but a Robert Griffin III pass is deflected at the line. Eagles stop, Redskins punt. Good stand. The Eagles defense has not allowed opening-drive points in seven straight games

Eagles offense is up. A pass to DeSean Jackson gets a first down, but nothing else going. Nick Foles and Riley Cooper can't connect deep despite a few attempts. Eagles punt. Brandon Boykin helps down the punt deep in Redskins territory at the 1. He's been really good on punt coverage.

Redskins back on offense and Pierre Garcon has returned to the game. Eagles safety Patrick Chung goes down. Kurt Coleman coming in. Washington running early and often. Brandon Graham crushes Morris on a run for no gain, followed up by a Najee Goode sack. Another good stop, Redskins punt.

Eagles up, and the first play is a Zach Ertz catch. Next play, big over the shoulder catch and run for LeSean McCoy. Perfect pass from Foles goes for 49 yards. Eagles in the redzone. Nick Foles running touchdown! Foles stretches his arms to get the ball over the goal line. Unstoppable. 7-0, Eagles.

Skins up, three and out.

Eagles take over. A few running plays round out the first quarter.


Screen pass to Brent Celek opens up the second quarter. Celek takes off down field like a mad man! Seriously, that's the fastest he's ever run. 43 yards and a touchdown in a blink. The touchdown is under review... no TD. Eagles ball at the one. No sweat. LeSean McCoy one yard TD run and a slam dunk over the goal post after the play. Beautiful. 14-0, Eagles.


Skins take over. Patrick Chung is back in the game. He left earlier with a throat injury (he bit his tongue). Washington isn't getting much done through the air. Morris and RG3 runs are the only thing moving the ball down the field. Skins in the redzone... Connor Barwin CRUSHES RG3 in the pocket. Sack/fumble. Fletcher Cox catches the ball and the Eagles recover. Awesome stop by the defense. If you weren't aware by now, Philadelphia came to play. RG3 is shaken up after the play.

Eagles offense up. Moving the ball down the field with ease with catches from Cooper and Jackson. It looks like Foles' shoulder is bothering him, though. LeSean McCoy run, big cutback. He's down after the play and holding his leg. Looks like a hamstring issue. He walks off on his own power. Eagles stopped in the redzone. Alex Henery hits a 24 yard attempt to increase the lead. 17-0, Eagles.

Redskins take over, and you guessed it: more running. Trent Cole sacks RG3 on third down and Washington is forced to punt.

Nothing doing for the Eagles. They punt and the Redskins take a knee to end the first half.


Eagles ball to start the second half. Shady is back. Philadelphia driving down the field without much effort. Too easy. LeSean McCoy punches it in from the 1 yard line for his second score of the day. 13 plays and 80 yards. 24-0, Eagles.

Redskins up. They're still running the ball, despite being down big. Trent Cole sacks RG3. That's his second of the day. Eagles have been getting good pressure. Skins punt. To this point, Eagles passing yards: 263. Skins: 3.

Nothing going for Philly. Skins take over. Nothing going for them either. Philly's ball again. McCoy rushes for 4 yards on a play which set him over the 1000 mark. Congrats, Shady. That's the third time in his career and eighteenth time in team history. Eagles forced to punt.

Skins take over, and right away an RG3 pass is tipped and seemingly intercepted by Fletcher Cox. Great play, but it was overturned. The ball hit the ground. Still Redskins possession.


Redskins turn the ball over on down. Then the Eagles do the same a little bit later when they're stopped on a 4th and 1 run. Redskins back on offense... big play for a touchdown. Shutout gone. Trent Cole and Patrick Chung collided which gave the Redskins receiver a wide open score. Cole is down after the play. Skins went for 2 and got it. 24-8, Eagles.

Eagles on offense. Nick Foles is keeping the ball on the read option and having some success. The Eagles run some time off the clock before having to punt again. Still a two possession game, though.

Redskins running the ball and that sets up a big pass touchdown pass. Redskins are right back in the game. Redskins go for 2, they get it. ONE POSSESSION GAME. Eagles, 24-16.

Eagles on offense. Nick Foles reaches out for a first down on a scramble, and it's originally ruled a first down. Washington challenges, and the play is overturned. It's 4th and inches. Eagles punt, and it's a beauty. 70 yards. It downs the Skins at their own 4. Donnie Jones, MVP.

Skins ball. Crucial drive. An offensive face-mask penalty puts the Redskins at 2nd and 25. An incompletion makes it 3rd and 25. The Skins convert. Washington is moving the ball down the field, partly due to some Eagles penalties. Redskins in the redzone. RG3 goes back to pass... INTERCEPTED. Brandon Boyking (sic). Huge, huge, huge play. Eagles take a knee and that's a wrap.

Eagles win, 24-16.


They did it. The Philadelphia Eagles won a home game. The streak is OVER.

Much like the first Eagles-Redskins game this year, the Eagles got out to a big lead before allowing Washington to creep back in. Once again, though, they got the job done.

The offense played well. Nick Foles threw for 298 yards. LeSean McCoy ran for 77 and 2 touchdowns. And how about that Eagles defense? You know, the one that was missing three starters: Bradley Fletcher, Earl Wolff, and Mychal Kendricks? Solid.

It was a crucial win for Philly. They now move above .500 to 6-5 and in sole first place of the NFC East.

How about them Eagles?

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