The Linc - Michael Vick says Nick Foles will be a Franchise Quarterback

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/14/2013.

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Let's get to the links...

Redskins LB London Fletcher calls the NFC East 'terrible,' offers his NFC East power rankings - JimmyK,
Fletcher was asked to rank the NFC East in order, from best to worst. Here's what he said.
1) Eagles: "The Eagles are playing really good football right now. They're probably the top team in our division right now."
2) Giants: "The Giants have won 3 in a row."
3) Cowboys: "The Cowboys really struggled the other night against the Saints."
4) Redskins: "Based on who's hot right now, you'd probably have to go Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, and then us, if I had to rank them."

Likely the backup now, Vick says he won't be a distraction - Jeff McLane, Inquirer
A year after it seemed all but certain that his career with the Eagles was over, Michael Vick faces an uncertain future in which the only likely scenario is that he will be playing for another team next year. He is injured, Nick Foles is playing well and winning, and there are only six games remaining in the one-year contract Vick signed in the offseason. During an interview with The Inquirer, Vick said he did not know if he was still the Eagles' No. 1 quarterback. But sources close to the 33-year old have said that even when Vick returns, they expect Foles to remain the starter.

Using the Right Tools - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
The Eagles are 31st in yards allowed this season. The 3-4 is a failure. Bill Davis isn’t doing a good job. The defense is bad.Right? Not so fast, my friend.

All-22: Foles, the Deep Ball And the Offense - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
Nick Foles’ response struck the right tone. He knew he had gotten a little lucky. But throwing a 55-yard touchdown in the NFL, regardless of circumstances, is not easy. So he was not about to apologize. "I need to throw it a little further, but it just so happened that the ball popped up the way it did, and that happens in sports," Foles said when asked to describe the 55-yard touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson against the Packers. "That happens all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t work out for you. That time it did. And I was very thankful it did."

Brandon Boykin sees himself as more than a slot corner - Reuben Frank, CSN Philly
"I think it depends on the game," Boykin said. "I do agree with it if a team is playing a lot of nickel or slot, but if it’s a team that runs the ball a lot or they’re in 12 personnel (one back, two tight ends, two wideouts), coaches know how capable I am of playing outside. If that’s the case in the game, where there’s not much nickel and I’m just sitting on the sideline, I don’t expect to just be in nickel. I guess it’s just the circumstances of the game."

Could Michael Vick remain in Philly beyond 2013—as a backup? - Andrew Kulp, The700Level
Suppose Nick Foles plays well enough over the final six games in 2013 that the Eagles aren’t pigeonholed into drafting another quarterback. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but it’s not automatically the top priority going in. Between Foles and Matt Barkley, Philadelphia has two quarterbacks under contract for next season. Most teams carry three, so assuming the Eagles don’t draft one, they need to sign a free agent—and who would be better suited for the job than Michael Vick?

Toxic differential favors Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles - Brian Billick,
While Philadelphia doesn't have the best offense in the league, it does have the most explosive one. The Eagles have 16 more explosive plays on offense than any other team in the league, and seem to be rounding into form with Nick Foles as quarterback. If the defense can play better, Philadelphia should be favored in the NFC East.

The coach who never punts - Grantland
The numbers are on Kevin Kelley's side. So why aren't more teams following his lead?

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