Lay out your ideal draft and roster moves here?

I know a lot of us are looking toward the future so i want this to be a thread of sorts for us to lay out the best roster moves and/or position changes possible in your minds. Im just curious what you guys think we should do to become a contender next year?

My ideal moves




*Sign Jairus Byrd in the offseason

*Sign Donte (W)hitner

*if neither of the above are able to be signed Acquire a shutdown or serviceable corner and move Cary williams to Free safety his tackling is what we need. Frankly he gives to much cushion to play corner and when andy reid ran the same screen to Donnie Avery over and over again he was the only one who noticed and if he were at safety he could've made the proper adjustments.

*Sign Paul Soliai from the Dolphins he does Sopoaga's job better and can pass rush and is (slightly) younger

*Sign Brian Orakpo if he cant come to terms with the redskins (he knows the 3-4 and why not weaken a division rival)




1st Round: Teddy Bridgewater/Tahj Boyd/ Marcus Mariota/Brett Hundley. We need a franchise Qb... NOW

2nd Round: Donte Moncrief WR/Jordan Matthews WR are fast big body receivers are what we need at the moment if we get receivers like this desean will get open easier because hes not the only threat

3rd Round: Damian Swann CB/Quandre Diggs CB/Jordan Matthews WR we definitely need to invest in the secondary

I haven't looked past the first three rounds.

Position changes:

*Move Riley cooper to tight end and cut Emil Igwenagu. Cooper is big, He can block and he can catch i think hes probably better suited to being covered by linebackers than corners since he's had no separation whatsoever this year.

*Joe Kruger to OLB

*Brandon Graham back to defensive end and not waste that first round player

*IF we cant get a better nose tackle put Cedric Thornton there and rotate Brandon Graham and Benny logan at one side and rotate Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry on the other side


*Trent cole (to a team that is not in the nfl east) for a 5th in either of the next 2 drafts (only trade him if we can acquire Orakpo or Brandon Graham establishes himself as a good OLB)

*Isaac Sopoaga for a 5th/6th in either of the next 2 drafts

*Mike Vick to Jacksonville near the end of the year if foles wins the job(doubtful)

*Todd Herremans for something. Herremans has been making to many mistakes for the veteran that he is well see what hes doing by the end of the year though.

So guys post your ideal moves in the comments.

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