Foles/Vick per play comparison from NYG game

I’ve been watching this site for years (love it), but finally decided to jump into posting….

I was curious to compare Vick’s ability to move the offense in the Giants game to Foles’ ability. I was also curious to look at their Red Zone opportunities and how/why they were/weren’t successful.

1st Quarter
Drives – 3
Team – TOP: 435 seconds, 18 plays (24.17 seconds/play), 85 yards (4.72 yards/play), 3 pts (0.17 points/play)
Vick – 0-5, 0 yds passing, 52 yds rushing
Critical Plays – 1st Drive – DeSean Jackson drops would be 1st Down completion on 3rd and 11, Eagles punt
2nd Drive – Red Zone – 3rd and 1 from NYG 20, Bryce Brown run for -2 yards (Question: Do you think Chip should have gone for it here on 4th and 3? Eagles were down 7-0)

2nd Quarter
Drives – 3
Team – TOP: 521 seconds, 20 plays (26.05 seconds/play), 158 yards (7.9 yards/play), 13 pts (0.65 points/play)
Vick – 6-8, 105 yds passing, 27 yds rushing
Critical Plays – 4th Drive – Red Zone: 2nd and 4 @ NYG 4, Herremans blocks no one, McCoy loses 5 yards (Question: if he blocks the guy who tackled McCoy, does McCoy score?)

Vick Total
Team – TOP: 956 seconds, 38 plays (25.16 seconds/play), 243 yards (6.39 yards/play), 16 pts (0.42 points/play)
Vick – 6-13 (46.2%), 105 yds passing (8.08 ypa), 79 yds rushing (i did not count his throwaway from the end zone right before he left the game because he threw it out of bounds and he was hurt)

Foles was interesting because he led 2 atypical drives. Meaning, he ran the 2 minute drill at the end of the 1st half which involves lots of clock stoppage (getting out of bounds and timeouts), so it skews typical drive stats. He also ran a clock killing drive at the end of the game, which skews stats because they’re milking as much time per play as they can. So i just reviewed his "typical" drives. I will say that both of those drives were ran to perfection though and achieved the desired result. So, kudos to him.

3rd Quarter
Drives – 3
Team – TOP: 372 seconds, 17 plays (21.88 seconds/play), 78 yards (4.59 yards/play), 3 pts (0.18 points/play)
Foles – 5-10, 60 yds
Critical Plays – Red Zone: 1st and 10 @ NYG 20 – pass incomplete, 2nd and 10 @ NYG 20 – pass incomplete, 3rd and 10 @ NYG 20 – Foles sacked for 3 yard loss

4th Quarter
Drives – 4
Team – TOP: 327 seconds, 11 plays (29.72 seconds/play), 68 yards (6.18 yards/play), 14 pts (1.27 points/play)
Foles – 4-7, 69 yards, 2 TDs

Foles Total
Team – TOP: 699 seconds, 28 plays (24.96 seconds/play), 146 yards (5.21 yards/play), 17 pts (0.61 points/play)
Foles – 9-17 (52.9%), 129 yds (7.58/ypa), 2 TDs (i believe Foles was 7/8 for 68 yards on that final drive of the 1st half)

Like I said before, I just wanted to compare typical drives to get a feel for how quickly and effectively they move the offense under normal circumstances. I’m not discounting Foles’ end of 1st half drive, which was spectacular. I just didn’t think 10 plays in 93 seconds of clock time is that plausible for your run of the mill, middle of the 1st quarter drive. Same with the drive to end the game. I didn’t want to penalize Foles for milking the clock.

To me, it looks like they move the offense at about the same pace (although with Vick they were running the ball a lot more and that would skew the pace a bit higher than if he was passing more). Vick generates a more productive offense yards-wise, but fails to capitalize and turn those into points (see difference in Points/Play). Foles did a great job of capitalizing off of turnovers (as Kelly likes) by generating two pretty quick touchdowns on a short field.

Looking at the Red-Zone Opportunities…Vick had 4 opportunities and Foles had 2.

Foles produced the nice TD to DeSean, but also had a Red Zone failure that was mostly on his shoulders (2 incomplete passes and a sack – which I can’t remember if there are other people at fault for those (missed block, dropped ball, etc.)).

Vick orchestrated one Red Zone series that was a complete failure. He also generated a TD in one of them. The other two were a bit weird and I don’t know how responsible he was for the failures. Shouldn’t Bryce be able to pick up a 3rd and 1? If Herremans blocks a guy, McCoy doesn’t get tackled and he likely has 2 rushing TDs on the day – and Vick and Foles would have both put up 20 points. Although, he should have connected with Avant on the next play, but overthrew it a bit.

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