4 down 12 to go.

So here we are at 1-3 going into the Giants game. This is what I thought our record would be prior to preseason but not the record I thought we would have after preseason and the Redskins game.I think like many I bought a little to much into to the hype and forgot to keep myself grounded. Reality has a funny way of reminding you of that. Overall I am very happy with the way the Eagles have played, not with the record but overall how they have played. I have noticed that some of the same problems under Andy (the last couple of years) are still hanging around, poor red zone numbers, mistakes on offense (penalties, red zone turnovers), and poor tackling. I guess it was to much to expect those issues to disappear overnight. I did not expect much if anything from the defense and they have not disappointed. They really are who we thought they were.

I will start with the offense. To be honest I did not expect Vick to play this well, I knew he might be able to but he has really surprised me. I did not want him to start this year but that had less to do with him and more to do with wanting to have to spend a high draft pick on a QB in any of the next couple of drafts. He really has played well, and deserves credit for that and operating the offense. Even though he has been holding the ball to long on pass attempts, a lot of that comes for WR not named Jackson being unable to win one on one match ups. McCoy has been outstanding, and just plain fun to watch. AP might be a lot of peoples top RB in the NFL, but there is no RB more fun to watch than McCoy (unless your team is playing against him). He has taken to the offense so well you would have thought it was designed for him. The TE have shown some flashes, but have dropped to many passes including what should have been touchdowns. I know some here are not very high on Ertz, but I see a guy who is getting open and could be ready to develop into a big part of this offense. Celek has done a good job blocking and getting open from time to time. I would not be surprised with the lack of production from the WR to see some more multiple TE set with Celek in tight and Ertz and Casey out wide. The line has been inconsistent, but they have shown that they can be dominate at times. At other times they seemed to not be communicating very well and confused. With all the players that missed time last year and a new system and coach you can kind of see that happening in the first 4 games but should clear up and not be a issue for much longer. The biggest problem with the offense and really about the only problem has been the mistakes. They are still turning it over and still doing it on the opposing teams side of the field. The other big problem is the penalties, they are killing drives and costing the team points. I think Chip has done a good to really good job with the offense. Yes he is making mistakes but being this early in his first season I would expect him to make some. Maybe not the mistakes he has made but still overall he has done a good job at putting players in a position to succeed or excel. Overall I am very happy with the way the offense has played, they have just got to stop hurting themselves so much.

After the first four games here are the offensive position I would like to see them target in the draft or free agency: QB, WR, G.

Top 4 Players: McCoy, Mathis, Vick, Jackson,

Now time for the defense. Well they have been really bad. We kinda of knew that coming into the season, but I think the Redskins game kinda fooled me into thinking that we might be ok on defense. Not smart on my part. The Defensive line play has not been that bad but when the LB and DB are missing tackles and blowing coverages it is hard for the D line to excel. Cox and Thorton have looked good and even great at times. They seem like they should do fine in a 3-4, 4-3, or just about any scheme they play in. Cole has played much better than I thought he would in his first year in a 3-4. Boykin has done a good job in coverage and seems capable of filing in on the outside as well. I am not going to spend much time on the rest of the group. They have been either just plain bad, not been a factor, or inconsistent. There is some legit talent on this team defense just not enough. They seem to not be on the same page and that could just be part of learning a new defense or maybe they just don't fit. That brings me to my biggest question is Billy Davis/ Chip Kelly holding this team back by not using the players on defense in a scheme better suited to their talents. Or should they just bite the bullet and deal with the growing pains of transitioning now early in his tenure vs. later say 3-4 years down the road. I have not been a big fan of Davis play calling so far. I do not feel he has adapted very well to in game situations, but that could be more due to the players not doing the right thing than him not making the right adjustments.

After the first four games here are the defensive position I would like to see them target in the draft or free agency: SAFETY, SAFETY, CB, LB.

Top 4 players: Cox, Thorton, Cole, Boykin.

Special teams have been better than last year. That is mainly due to having a really good Punter this year. Other than that the have been average to below average. The missed FG seem to be just on Henery not the rest of the unit. They have not been great on returning or covering kicks. Jones has done a great job so far. If we had a better defense his play would be huge part of the teams success.

Best player: Jones

Would love to hear some different points of views or things that I missed or did not cover. In closing I have to say the first 4 games have been frustrating if for no other reason than it is easy to see this team at 3-1 instead of 1-3. I think Kelly was the best option when we hired him and he has done nothing to make me think other wise so far this season.

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