Eagles-Cowboys Final Score: Philadelphia loses to Dallas, 17-3

Rich Schultz


The biggest game of the Eagles 2013 season to date.


Eagles receive first. Nothing going after a Cowboys sack forces a long third down. Punt.

Dallas takes over. They match Philadelphia's effort for a third and out. A good tackle by DeMeco Ryans forces a stop.

Eagles next drive is highlighted by a Nick Foles first down run. You just can't stop this running QB. Earlier on the drive, it looked like Foles has DeSean Jackson open deep on the right side of the field. Jackson had beat the coverage, but Foles had targeted Riley Cooper for a first down conversion on the other side of the field instead. The drive eventually stalled with a Dallas stop. PHI punt.

Cowboys are pinned deep in their own territory. The Cowboys drive to the Eagles 36 line and PHI gets a stop. Defensive battle! Dallas punts on a short field. Weird decision for the Cowboys not to go for it.

Eagles ball, third straight punt. The offense just can't get anything going. Foles 2-7, 25 yards. Donnie Jones is nailing punts, though.

Dallas drive, Eagles stop, Cowboys punt. Notice a theme here? 6 punts combined now. Zzzzzzzz.

Eagles ball, Eagles punt.


Dallas takes over. Vinny Curry sack on Romo forces a - you guessed it - PUNT! Punt punt punt punt punt punt punt punt.

Eagles ball. HEY, a first down! Great job by Riley Cooper who broke a tackle on the gain. Shortly after, the Eagles punted. Again.

Dallas takes. Cary Williams gives up a catch to Dez Bryant. Then they PUNT. This is... something.

... Eagles ball, Eagles punt.

Dallas gets the ball and moves into scoring. Hey, is that allowed? Eagles defense holds up in the redzone thanks to a Bradley Fletcher deflection. That's been Fletcher's specialty this season. Crucial stop. Dallas kicks a 38 yard FG. 3-0, Cowboys.

Eagles take over and Foles misses a wide open Celek over the middle, overthrown. PHI is bailed out on the next play by a Dallas penalty which leads to a first down. Two plays later, Foles overthrows again and the crowd boos in response. Nothing going yet again. Punt. Foles is 8-18 for 42 yards.

Dallas drive ends up in a punt.

Eagles take over with less than two minutes to go in the first half. A couple first downs! Moving past the 50 yard line! Exciting! 4th and 1... Eagles attempt a 60 yard field goal. Uh, OK? It's no good.

An Earl Wolff interception on a Romo hail mary ends the first half. Ugly.


Dallas ball to start the second half. They put a good drive together. Dez Bryant takes it down to the one. Eagles look like they're about to get another RZ stop... but no. Bradley Fletcher pass interference on third down leads to a Cowboys TD on the next play. 10-0, Cowboys.

Eagles ball, Eagles punt. 2-11 on third downs at this point. No offense, but there's no offense.

Cowboys take over and Dallas converts on a third down pass to Miles Austin... but Chip challenges the play. Great decision, clearly not a catch. Eagles force DAL to punt on 4th and 2.

Eagles ball, Eagles punt. Foles showing major accuracy issues. Missing open wide receivers.

Dallas back on. Cowboys driving. Hope slim. Then, Romo strikes! A DeMeco Ryans interception and return to the PHI 30 gives the Eagles new life. Clutch.

Next play, Foles pass for DeSean is broken up in the end zone.Play after that, DeSean goes down with an injury. Laying on the ground, not looking good. Walks off on his own power, but limping. Foles targets a wide open Jason Avant, ball is underthrown... ball bounces off Avant's hands and is INTERCEPTED. Welpadelphia. Luckily, play is reviewed, overturned. Still, a missed opportunity for Philadelphia on what should have been an easy TD throw. 4th and inches on the 9. Chip goes for it.. first down. Good call. Foles sacked on 3rd down.

DeSean returned to the game, by the way.


Eagles kick the short FG to start the fourth. No more shutout! 10-3, Cowboys.

Nick Foles heads to the locker room with a head injury. Meanwhile, a long Dallas drive gives the Cowboys a bigger lead. Terrence Williams TD. 17-3, Cowboys.

Rookie QB Matt Barkley in now. Throws a pick on his second play, but Dallas was offside. Lucky. A couple plays later... not so lucky. Cowboys LB intercepts a Barkley pass and this one counts. That's pretty much game over at this point. Barkley threw another interception in garbage time. And another one. That's 3. It would have been 4 for not the one that was called back.


It was a big game for the Eagles and they blew it. They failed to capitalize on a great opportunity and yielded the division lead to the Cowboys.

Philadelphia drops below .500. 3-4 record.

Nick Foles did not play well. He finished with a stat line of 11/29 (37.9%), 80 yards (2.8 average) and a 46.2 QB rating. 0 TD/0 INT. Yuck. Matt Barkley looked unsurprisingly unspectacular as well.

Chip Kelly's offense didn't look very much like Chip Kelly's offense. It was the first time a Chip Kelly coached football team ever finished without an offensive touchdown.

The Eagles are still winless at home since September 30, 2012.

Stay tuned to BGN for more coverage of this game and all the madness.

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