All-22 inside the red zone with Mycatsnameismilk

Heres a look at the Eagles first two possessions in the red zone, both resulted in field goals.

7:18 Q1
1st &10 @the 23


With 6 defenders in the box and a Safety creeping down its an inside run. Not sure if Vick was reading anyone but his threat to run outside froze the S (#33) that walked down into the box.


Fuck yeah O line! Strait man on man ram jam (no homo)


The RDE was able to slip off of Peters and get his arms around Shady at the last second, Shady still picked up 5, probably could have gotten 5 more if he pulled away form the DE

2nd & 5 @the 18


This looks like a combo play where Vick had multiple reads. As Shady crossed the mesh point Vick was already looking to Ertz in the slot and the O line was set in pass protection.


The threat of the outside run had the DB over Celek stepping up to set the edge and the ILB was in full sprint towards the LOS with no chance at getting to Celek in coverage. Yay we fooled them!!! : )


only one problem...


Kelce completely spazzed out and ran across the face of the DT #99 in an attempt to triple team? The DE #95


He tried to get back but had no chance and 6'5" Kevin Vickerson single handedly destroyed the play, Vick ducked him and gained a yard.

3rd & 4 @17


here we switch to 11 personnel after being in 12. Bringing in Avant for Ertz.


Initially Vick had Avant open due to the Broncos defenders running into each other.


Avant was even more open a few steps later But Vick had already started throwing the Ball to Celek who was just starting to come out of his break.


aaaaaand Celek droped it.

It's kind easy to blame Vick here, why didn't he just throw to Avant? Giving Vick the benefit of the doubt; pre snap the Broncos where lined up in what appeared to be press man with a LB looking like he was going to sit in the middle or cover the flat. So maybe He's not expecting Avant to be open, can your really plan on the other team tripping over their own feet? Either way he threw a freaking strike to Celek so I guess I can't blame him too much.

So one run and two Cincinnati Bear Cat fails later we trot out Henery.

1:45 Q1
2nd & 4 @25

On the very next possession we marched rite down the field found ourselves with


6 defenders in the box, six blockers on the line. Woooo whooo let's party!


Mathis immediately headed after the ILB in front of him.


Mathis couldn't get to him in time; which I'm not sure was even possible in this situation, Woodyard is very fast and committed to filling the hole almost atomically.

I included the last 2 shots in support of Shadys new nickname being "Madden 25". He used the juke button to turn 3rd and 6 into 3rd and 2.



3rd & 2 @23


This was just an off tackle run behind...


who else?


Jason Peters ladies and gentlemen; smash you very much...

1st & 10 @13


This was a really great play IMO the only problem was the Broncos did a great job defending it .


The eagles faked the same play they just ran, but this time it was a play action boot, neither the ILB and the S bit on the initial run fake.


As Vick sprinted outside the Saftey did a great job shadowing and the ILB droped into his zone.


This play was dependent upon one of these two players ditchng their assignments and coming up in run support.


You see here that Cooper had some seperation in the front of the end zone, the problem was the two defenders sitting underneath would have forced Vick to throw around them; which I'm not sure was possible; or loft it over them giving the DB covering Cooper a chance to break on the ball. I don't want Vick trying either in this situation.

Vick ended up Throwing to Jackson in the front corner of the endzone and the pass was broken up by DRC. While watching the live feed I was like "WTF? why would you throw the ball there, super risky; super low percentage throw"

I didn't do the best job of capturing it below but DRC actually fell down in coverage, as Vick went into his throwing motion DRC was on his hands and knees next to Jackson and literally bounced back up. The whole stumble, hit the ground, get back to your feet process cost him maybe half a step; F-ing freak of nature...




2nd & 10@13

Inside zone read where Johnson got called for holding...


Johnson is covered up here by the DE to the left of the upright.


Here's a better look at him. He didn't bring the defender to the ground, he actually released him at that point. I have no clue what the ref saw but it looked like a clean enough block to me.

This call was completely inconstant with how the game was being officiated to this point and even if the officials had been calling it tight this was just a terrible call.

Also in the above pic you can see Mathis having trouble getting to the LB again.

2nd & 20 @ 23

I can't tell if this play was awesome or not.

Screenshot2013-10-02at104815am_medium Screenshot2013-10-02at104843am_medium

Immediately after the snap Vick raised up to throw to Avant in the slot, but Avant wasn't looking... My first thought is this was a mistake on the part of Avant as you can see at the snap of the ball the DB covering him has started backpedaling into his zone and is giving him almost 10 yards.


Vick looked to his next read, this is where it got a little weird.


Avant and the TE on his side ran into each other as they where heading to the same exact spot on the field; further raising my suspicions as to what Avant was supposed to be doing on this play. There was actually an awesome screen set up to the right now leading me to believe that the pump fake to Avant could have been a pump fake all along, Im so confused!!!!

Vick dumped off to Brown and If Herremans could have gotten out and actually blocked the defender then Brown would have been left with one man to beat with Kelce leading the way. Brown had a Fair chance at scoring; if Todd just got a piece of the defender it could have been a significant gain.


and Todd wiffed...

3rd &14 @17

The Broncos dropped 8 here, Vick had a super clean pocket




wait for it...


Cooper Broke his route off 3 yards short of the 1st down marker... No clue. Maybe thats what he was supposed to do, maybe we where supposed to go for it on 4th down. In all the red zone possesion went like this.

missed block

Peters Smash

Awesome D

B.S. holding Penalty

missed block

Rlley Cooper/Big Balls Chip fail

Other Thoughts

This offesne is F-ing awesome! It stalls due to Lack of execution and I'm kinda o.k. with that rite now, everyhting is still kinda new, everyone is still learning; I feel like its only going to get better.

One concern watching game tape brings up is this offenses reliance on O line play. One guy misses an assignment or gets beat and the play is really limited; both Vick and Shady make up for a lot of mistakes by the O line.

My fear though is this; Has Chip Kelly over estimated NFL lineman's ability to get out and block LBs in space? Handle defenders 1 on 1? Come off double teams and get to the second level? Is it unrealistic to expect them to consistently perform these tasks against players with NFL caliber speed, size and skill? In the the play above where Mathis was supposed to get out and block Woodryard, he was asked to do this a number of times and Im not sure he succeeded more then he failed...

In fact all our interior linemen had trouble blocking Denver's faster linebackers. More than once they where unable to get to the LB when coming off a double team, also when pulling they got beat to the spot a few times. The Denver D line did a good job of not letting the O line get to the second level, both Vickerson and Knighton fouled up our blocking schemes a number of times. There where a few missed assignments by our our O line too, early on Celek and Peters miscommunicated and let Ayers blow a play up. The first half might have been the worst I'v seen Kelce play.

- Vicks running ability is an integral part of this offense. It helps keep us out of 3rd and long, reduces the down side when our receivers can't get separations and makes the other team pay for playing man coverage.

-There where a few plays that Denver's DBs lined up in man press coverage and then dropped into zone. Vick had receivers open but at times they ran them selves into coverage instead of sitting in the zone. Vick seemed to hesitate in these situations, without everyone being on the same page its hard to pull the trigger as any miscue could easily result in a turnover.

- If Denver is allowed to hold like they did on sunday they are absolutely unbeatable. The first dirve they had 3rd and 9 around our 30 and Barwin got absolutely mugged coming off the edge. The long completion to Decker at the end of the first half Thorton got dragged to the ground, on multiple plays Cole was getting held off the edge; worst of all might have been on the Broncos 1st drive of the 2nd half where Boykin got so ridiculously held on an outside run play. I know "there is holding on every single play in the NFL" but these where blatant fouls where the defender got around the blocker and had an arm wrapped around the front of their jersey. Giving Manning that type of advantage makes him impossible to stop.

So lemme know what you think, what you see, what it do, what it be, what your really working with....

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