All-22 W/Mycatsnameismilk - We are in the business of getting them to score in the zone that is red you F***ing F*****s

This is kinda late and rushed but Im on my way to vegas so heres a quick look at our red zone possessions from the Giants game

Q1 8:21

1st&10 @29

IZR O Line fail - 2yds, Patterson eats Kelces lunch...

2nd&12 @31

It's the Techmo Bowl play for 10 yds; described by Jimmy K

3rd&2 @20

Not sure if this is a designed run but for starters we have 7 blockers (vick reading there the end counts as 1) with 7 defenders in the box. You can see the Defender at the bottom of the screen lined up off of Maehl.


The defender drops back after the snap, probably could have thrown to Maehl for an easy 1st here.


Instead this is what Brown ran into, they get a double team on the play side DT, Vick freezes the backside Defender, Celek seals the DE and Todd stands in the hole tripping over his own feet while the DB comes in unblocked to make the tackle...


Stop! Henery time!

Q2 13:03

1st & 10 @31

IZR Giants D line owns us...

2nd & 10

Nice pass protection, Vick hits Ertz for 24 yd gain.

1st & GL @7

OZR Great blocking but not the best run from Polk. He took to long deciding to either cut up field or make it around the end; both where options but by the time he made a decision defenders had recovered enough to stop him for a 3 yard gain.

2nd & GL @4

OZR with Shady this time, Looks like Herramans just doesn't see Will Hill as he shoots through and gets Shady in the back field for a loss.

3rd & GL @9

The Giants had good pass coverage. Vicks attmepts to throw a fade to the back corner of the end zone, would have had to have been perfect; over throws Avant.

9:06 Q2

1st&10 @15

Vick goes through his progressions and Finds Avant underneath with a defender trailing, delivers the ball perfectly and hits Avant in the hands for an uncontested drop.

2nd&10 @15

Tehcmo Bowl time! This time the right side for 14 yards, Shady punches it in from the 1 on the next play.

5:05 Q2
1st&10 @31

Vick hangs in the pocket behind good protection, everyone is covered down field so he takes off for 13 yards, this is the play where he hurts his hamstring.

1st&10 @18

IZR and this time Rodgers destroys the play.

2nd&10 @18

Vick hangs in the pocket and hits avant underneath for 6 yards

3rd&4 @12


Vick thows to Shady in the flat with no one covering him, Shady kinda spazzes out and goes to cut back inside, slips, and then runs into defenders. Had he just caught the ball and turned the other direction he probably gets the 1st and has a shot at the pylon. You can see a couple linemen throw their hands up like "WTF?" after the play.


1st&10 @39

This is the long pass that got us in fieldgoal range befor the half. Desean Jackson had Mcbride lined up over him in press coveradge and Desean just absolutly man handles him at the snap. I mean he throws a right hook to the body that almost knocks Mcbride off his feet, Pacquio would have been proud.

3:11 Q3

1st&10 @31

Foles dropps back and catches the Safety cheating towards Jackson, Cooper is 2 steps behind the defender and Foles just over throws him in the end zone.

2nd&10 @31

IZR and its an O line fail although Shady uses the juke button to pick up 4

3&7 @28

Foles hits Jackson underneath on a crossing route, not a perfectly thrown ball but good enough for Jackson to make the grab and picks up the 1st.

1st&10 @20

Foles has Celek open on the post but he also has Evan Mathis trying to sit in his lap, he scrambles and throws the ball away.

2nd&10 @20

Foles throws inderneath to Jackson, miscommunication: Jackson borke inside Foles threw outside.

3rd&10 @20

No one even remotely open Foles takes a sack

Q4 9:40

1st &GL @10

OZR pick up of 2

2nd&GL @8

IZR Foles Keeper

3rd&GL @ 5

Foles fade of glory!

Random notes:

As you can kinda see above the red zone troubles where accompanied by poor blocking and dropped passes, not really sure how you can put that on the QB.

In general both QBs looked great all day, very few mistakes on either of their parts. When the play was blocked and the receivers where open they delivered the ball, not much more you can ask for. I can see how they both received A grades now.

The trouble running the ball in the second half had nothing to do with Foles being in the game, the interior o line just got dominated. Some of what we saw in the 3rd quarter was the o line failing and Vick not being there to bail them out with his legs.

To make any judgement in the Vick vs Foles argument is silly, both looked outstanding. In general I think people have been putting way to much blame/praise on the QB position, their success and failure is really dependent on the guys around them. Foles fade was no more valuable then Vicks run, both where extremely effective because 10 other guys did their jobs. The only real advantage with Vick and the reason I believe he is starting; is that his athleticism can buy you a second chance when the other guys do fail, which the O line seems to do a bit.

Im really looking forward to seeing Foles develop, one thing I noticed is that when he gets the saftey out of possitoin he recognizes it and attacks. If he can master the art of manipulating DBs with his eyes, he could be something special in this offense.

now for some 14 team parlays!

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