Curious to see everyone's wish list for a realistic starting lineup for next season

use Draft picks,the player you think we end up with, either by taking him where we are slated to draft, or trading up or back to get him..without seeing the combine. Don't worry about how we get the Player, just worry about listing him in the line up...let's try and make this somewhat realistic so you can use no more then 4 draft picks in your starting lineup..2 high priced free agents, and 2 mid priced-to cheap free agents


Backfield: Foles,Bryce,Shady

Line: Peters,Mathis,Kelce,Herremans,brandon albert(high priced FA#1)! TE Jared Cook(mid priced FA)

recievers...This year I strongly consider starting Cooper and Jackson on the outside and move Macklin into the slot, for his last chance to prove that he deserves a long term deal..Eventually Cooper needs to be replaced with a real, strong, big true number one recver to play opposite Desean, I just dont think we will get that RECIEVER THIS OFFSEASON

Defense: Graham,Cox, Star Latululei,Curry

Linebackers: Chase Thomas, Dameco Ryan, Kendricks

Secondary: DRC(mid priced free agent, I don't think he gets max money after this year), Matt Elam, Jarius Byrd (High priced FA number 2) Marcus Truphant/Desmond Truphant...Marcus comes over with Gus Bradley on a one year stop gap deal to play the first half of the season and groom his little brother Desmond to take over midseason

this is my vision for phase 1 of the rebuilding process. The following Offseason, we look to upgrade QB if Foles doesn't grab the franchise by the throat in year two, We look for that big Reviever, and we get younger on the Oline and at corner.

we can become significantly better next year, but it's really going to take 2 offseason of good luck, and ALL THE RIGHT moves to turn this thing it's important to really go young next year, and let a young unit get a year of experience playing together under a coach who will instill Discaplined, emphasis GAP RESPONSABILITY in year 1, and hold these players accountable(GUS BRADLEY COME ON DOWN lol), so the following offseason, we can put the finishing touches and really be able to compete.

the rebuilding phase depends on 3 positions: If Foles doesn't prove to be the answer, If Vinny Curry can't grab the starting position by midseasonthis this next year and we need to find another End, and if our Lineman arent the same players after injuries, then this will go from a 2 year rebuilding phase, to a 3 year phase. here is hoping that lineman don't suffer setbacks with injuries, and that players that we think sucked like Watkins and Bell, can play significantly better next year,now that the dirty Mudd has been washed away, and our lineman get back to blocking the way they blocked their entire life that made them soft after talents, before we allowed Mudd to come in here, and reinvent the wheel.

curious to see everyone else's vision for what they think or realistic starting lineups should be next year

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