Mock offseason 2.0

Head Coach

Jon Gruden. Call me a rube all you want. Fell in love with him during those Gruden QB camps. That guy could talk me into running through a brick wall. Not even going to guess at coordinators and let Gruden bring in his guys carte blanche.

Our Guys

Aso - Midway through the season I liked the idea of trying to bring him back on a restructured deal but I just dont see how it works. Regardless of his cap/salary number he just isnt a starting CB anymore. He made his name with vicious, unrelenting press coverage. Now everytime I see him crowd the line he doesnt even try to get hands on the WR, always with this jab step and bail BS. Maybe it was the coaching staff instructing him to play this way. If thats the case then maaaaybe give him another shot but otherwise I just dont see where he fits (cant see him as a backup, we know he cant play the slot)

DRC - What a humongous disappointment. Going into this year my biggest fear was that he would go so crazy in his contract year we would lose him to a crazy offer. His level of play being soooo low this year wasnt even a possibility in my mind. Losing Aso forces us to resign him but not at anything crazy.

Vick - Its been fun. I look forward to you signing with a new team, playing out of your mind just long enough to get their hopes up, and then supernova out in a blaze of horrific glory.

Their Guys

Dwayne Bowe + Jarius Byrd - Number 1 + 2 options in free agency, respectively, with Delmas as a backup plan to Byrd. One of the three HAVE to be signed. End of Story.

OL - This model doesnt leave space for a huuuuge move like Long/Clady (or even Albert) but shopping around for a swing tackle to take the place of D. Bell is a priority (even if it means overpaying). Sam Baker??


This is where things start to get interesting. I, personally, HATE the options available at 4. Joeckl may be a great prospect at LT but until J.Peters leg falls off he is my man at that spot. Even if you say Joeckl would be a fixture on the right side (possibly even switching to the left in a few years) I just dont like spending the 4th pick on a RT. I dont see the value I like at a draft spot that high. Combine that with draft classes for the two previous years that started on the lines (and didnt get much accomplished after those picks) I am forced to do something drastic.

TRADE : The St Louis Rams were hoping the pick they received from the redskins (22) would net them a cornerstone OL they could place in front of Sam Bradford. Unfortunately RG3 plans about going buck in the second half of the season contradicted the Rams plans. They end up having to package their pick with it (16) but they get their man in Joeckl.

Rams Receive : 1st round 4th pick (1800 pts) + 4th round 4th pick (100 pts)

Eagles Receive : 1st round 16th pick (1000 pts) + 1st round 22nd pick (780 pts)

16) Barrett Jones C/Alabama - When all of the pieces of our offensive line get healthy LT + RT just might be our two best positions. The interior on the other hand?? Lots of questions. Can Kelce still play at a top level in a scheme outside of Mudds?? Will Watkins still play at such a low level in a scheme outside of Mudds??

22) Kenny Vaccarro S/Texas - This pick could change pretty easily depending how free agency works out. If we miss out on Bowe this pick could change to Keenan Allen WR/Cal

35) Xavier Rhodes CB/Florida State - This pick could very easily be left as "BEST SECONDARY AVAILABLE" but I wanted to specify someone so I went with Rhodes. Rhodes fits the model of the bigger, taller, next gen of CB that the previous regime was looking for (and I hope the new regime sticks with). McDonald, Elam, and even David Amerson (we desperately need someone who can "make" turnovers) are all options here as well

67) Tyrann Mathieu ATH/LSU - Yuuuuup. The house cleaning of the secondary continues and Im thrilled about it. Dont know where he fits but hopefully he does. This is a situation where I actually could be interested in keeping Aso. Their playing styles are polar opposites but he might be a good mentor type figure to watch over the HB for the first year.

4th) Traded Rams




HB - Lesean/Bryce

QB - Foles

WR - Bowe, Desean, Jmac, Cooper

TE - Celek, DRAFT

LT - Peters, Baker

LG - Mathis

C - Kelce, Jones

RG - Jones, Watkins

RT - Herremans, Baker


DE - Cole (Farewell Tour)

DT - Fletcher Cox

DT - ???

DE - BG54

WLB - Kendricks

MLB - Demeco

SLB - Chaney/DRAFT

CB - Rhodes/Marsh


S - Vaccarro

S - Delmas

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