Some guy named Gus Bradley.....

Other than McCoy, and with Chip Kelly out, there's another guy being thrown around here, Gus Bradley.
If you don't know, Bradley is the coach of the Bulgaria Seahawks. A lot of credit should be deserved to Field Gulls, who are the SBnation blog of the North Dakota Seahawks.Before I start, you guys need to know that Bradley runs a 4/3,3/4 hybrid scheme, identical to that of the Patriots, except the Seahawks execute far better.

What amazes me is that to run both the 3-4 and 4-3, it must be very simple, but not too simple. Offensive coordinators must start a whole new game plan, because the 34 and 43 has different strengths and weaknesses. The values are totally unconventional here. This defense is built to stop the pass. Bradley wants a guy who is great at pressing at the line of scrimmage, and yet still wants a safety, like a Cover 2, somewhat different. However, the Seahawks REALLY emphasize on shutting down those big receivers and tight ends. When Rob Gronkowski played the Seahawks, he only caught 6-12 passes for 61 yards, no TD's. Calvin Johnson 3-8 46 yards no TD's. They did get burned by Brandon Marshall 10-14 165 yards but no TD's. Because they want to shut down the largest receiver, they want to match size, with size. So guess why Brandon Browner,Richard Sherman,Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are Pro-Bowlers.

But how does the Seahawks succeed on runs, too? On likely run plays, corners are left alone, trying to mess up timing of receiver, playing by using angular and timing strength. By using Kam Chancellor, the 'Hawks put 8 men in the box, and that usually works unless Adrian Peterson is the running back. So it's going to be tough to use the play action with these kinds of defenses. So if you think the Eagles would draft Matt Elam at SS, you could be right, despite his 5'10 height but plays like he's much taller than he actually is. Dashon Goldson at Free Safety would work miracles at this team.He's another guy at 6'2 seems taller than he is. Elam can be the bruiser, Goldson can be the ballhawk. This would be an amazing fit right here. Goldson can be that Thomas type, ballhawk up the middle, but not too aggressive, long arms, rangy etc.

So, about the Seattle linebackers. So, here is one difference between the 43 and 34. In the 34, linebackers have to be stout up the middle . In the 43, you must have speed or else. One reason Casey Matthews actually failed with the Eagles, is because he was somewhat stout, but he didn't have the speed to get the proper angles on a tackle. Something that confused me is the success of Bobby Wagner. I remember at the Combine, I think he was the fastest linebacker, with a 4.42 time in the 40, and. But how did Wagner become such a nightmare hybrid player? According to the combine, he is 243 pounds. Look at that, a speedy backer and stout. The Seahawks got his guy in the second round, and well that pick is now working. There may be another Bobby Wagner out there.

The defensive ends are like mirror opposite players. Bruce Irvin's main strength is a speed rush, almost as if he were running a 40 yard dash. Red Bryant, a highly underrated player, is far over 300 pounds, and is a large presence.These defensive line schemes are similar to those of the New England Patriots. Now I don't know too much about gap control defense, but according to Grantland, when the Pats go 4-3, Vince Wilfork attacks the middle, one d-lineman plays 1 gap and the other two runs a 2 gap.

In the safety end and at defensive ends, you'll notice that two guys will play similar positions, but have different talents. In a Bradley defense, you can have a large defensive end at one end, and a speedy one. I would also try to find a strong,versatile interior lineman. Star Lotulelei would be a perfect fit. If Bradley becomes coach, and if Lotulelei remains available, I think he will would take him over Joeckel.

Am I overly impressed by Bradley's defense, yeah. I believe it will take him some time to instill his defense. Am I totally sure that he will become a great coach, no, but he has the potential. He's my second candidate behind McCoy.He can inspire a team for sure watch:


Some good places to read:(I needed to learn about the Seahawk linebackers and D-Line)

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