Mock Draft - 1.0 and Beyond

So here is my mock draft/off-season moves - Just some opinions of mine that I think would benefit our team. Of course this is also assuming that everyone I think is coming out in this draft will be out there. Also I am not going to get in to all the cap stuff at this point as the Eagles have always done we will be under that because that is one thing our FO has excelled at.

Cuts - DumbBell has gotta go. Did he officially become the worst FA signing ever?

Mike Vick - You wont restructure after 2 down years you have had after we saved your career? Time for you to go and see where that gets you in the end.

Nnamdi - I will be ok with keeping you at this point but it is time for you to restructure your deal also. If you do you will stay here in Philly - Our next coach can fix you. If you don't though it is time to go.

D. Landri - You were a complete disappointment to us after the promise you showed the year before. You were just out played by everyone on our line. No excuse, you just gotta go.

Resigns - DRC - You still have the potential and our next coach is going to make this defense one of the best and think you are going to be a part of that success.

Colt Anderson - You earned your spot on this team without question. Welcome back.

Now on to the draft - I am really excited about this years draft with the exception of QB's. There is a lot of talent and the Eagles will still do their thing to get the most they can. So bash my draft or appreciate it, either way I wouldn't have it any other way with my fellow Eagles fans.

1st rd - pick #4 - Eagles trade with Titans - Eagles receive 2nd(39th) & 4th(104th) (TEN takes Star Lotulelei)

1st rd - OL - Taylor Lewan (Michigan) - Lewan solidified his spot in the top 10 with his solid performance against the best defensive player in college football ( If enters draft)

2nd rd - S - Kenny Vaccaro (Texas) - He has good size at 6-1, 220lbs and a 4.5, 40 - He can hit also which I like. solid pick here.

2nd rd - (from TEN) - CB - Desmond Trufant (Washington) - very good man corner, numbers are not impressive, this is because they dont throw at him. Good speed, 4.4's, and of course had a brother to teach him the game ( Marcus Trufant, CCB in Seattle)

3rd rd - WR - Da'Rick Rogers ( Tennessee Tech) - This kid has potential given the right place to play. He is big, 6-3 210lbs, and mid 4.4 speed. as most project he will enter the draft after being kicked off the team but kid has big upside and you take a shot with him.

4th rd - DT - Kwame Geathers (Georgia) - This guy is massive (6-6" 350lbs) and will demand a double team and free up Cox. Would be a good fit to go with the rest of our young DL. (if he enteres draft which he should)

4th rd - (from Tenn) - S - Robert Lester (Alabama) - Just a solid player and we all know we must upgrade here.

5th rd - OT - Kyle Long ( Oregon) - He could go earlier then this and that will remain to be seen as pro days and combine could make him jump up the draft board.

6th rd - CB - Tyrann Mathieu - We all know he is a pretty good corner and he has alot of off the field problems but you know, someone is going to grab this kid so why not us.

7th rd - S - Jordan Kovacs (Michigan) - Very solid in the run game and has solid tackling ability something we so much lacked in our secondary all together. Could be a 7th rd steal for our D.

7th rd - QB/RB/WR - Denard Robinson (Michigan) - This guy will want to play football no matter the spot. He could be our Deanothy Thomas. He is a play maker and will want the chance to prove it and is it going to hurt to use a 7th rd pick on him? Even if it is just to do PR/KR.

Again I know some of this can be a stretch and some depends on if they even enter the draft, which I am assuming they will, could be a very strong draft class and we pick a few to add depth and stability to our OL and let these guys prove who wants to play. My next and last post will include FA I would sign but as of right now we go draft with our new coach and make this a young hungry team. Yes I know I picked a few safeties but we need it as the couple that started last year prob wont be back after getting cut in preseason with this draft class. So let me have it guys, opinions and comments of all are welcomed.

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