A deeper look at Mike McCoy

Justin Edmonds

It look's as of right now Chip Kelly may become a Cleveland Brown. There has already been a semi-breakdown of McCoy, but you know Starship, I'll take a step further.

The QB'S:

Like Andy Reid, Mike McCoy is a QB guru. What I'm curious to see is how good they were compared to Andy's days at OC

McCoy's AVERAGE QB STATS: 23 TD 13 INT 3650 YDS 63.4%

Reid's AVERAGE QB STATS: 33 TD 19 4052 YDS 59.7%

Remember one thing, McCoy has had one elite QB in his 9 years of coaching(Manning) , Reid has has 1 in each year with Brett Favre. McCoy has had a below average QB in 3 of his 9 years( Delhomme injuries) and an average QB in Orton. Favre's INT numbers actually creeped up, completion percentage down when Andy became QB's coach. If McCoy coached Favre, he may have turned him into a 45-50 TD passer.

Who has McCoy been around?

He has been under Josh McDaniels ,George Seifert and John Fox. Not a bad learning tree.

McCoy's scheme:

First you guys need to read this:

Yeah, this gave me a lot of info about McCoy's scheme, but I know his basic principles. Basically, after many years of the John Fox influence, this is a power run scheme with a play action. But with Peyton Manning, McCoy has a horizontal passing attack . Peyton Manning loves this scheme. Usually he already confuses defenses pre snap, but what is done is that 1-2 recievers go vertical, and another goes on a cross over the middle, and it goes to them. This is very effective, but what surprises me is that the Broncos succeed in this despite not having a serviceable tight end. Well, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker are great at going over the middle. Jackson is not great over the middle. However, Jackson is a vertical threat that would eat up safeties downfield. Jeremy Maclin is a GREAT receiver over the middle. He averages almost 150 yards a year over the middle. In fact, Dwayne Bowe and Greg Jennings at their prime would combine their yards over the middle to barely beat Maclin's 120-150 yards up the middle per year. Brent Celek, by far and away the most talented tight end McCoy would ever have, and would have monster seasons.

In terms of the running game, if McCoy adopts the John Fox power run offense, nobody would truly thrive except for Jason Peters,Bryce Brown and Luke Joeckel if he comes to Philly. Obviously, McCoy would know that the Eagles are a more athletic, not hog-like interior offensive line. I hope we continue what has been going on in the run game for the last 3 years. But remember, change the spot where Bryce Brown holds the ball!!

Here's a look at some pass plays that McCoy may use, or plays similar to McCoy's offense:(Kind of messy, yeah)


The two receivers on the left are going vertical, the free safety has to get one of them, the running back clears out the weak side backer, and the tight end clears out middle backer, and possibly even the strong safety. Not only does the CB have the bad angle, it gets no help whatsoever. As said by Durkin's, the QB reads, from deep to short. The offensive line has to hold up for 2.5-3 seconds. Look how McCoy manipulates the defense by going vertical, but kills them by going horizontal.


Showing another perk here. The Broncos run a no huddle not just to tire the defense, but also to decode the defense. The red signifies a pre-snap movement for the slot receiver. If the corner follows, the defense is playing man, if the whole defense slightly shifts, it's probably zone coverage.The intent of the play is to get the ball to the slot receiver running the post if it's man coverage, tight end if it's zone, Deep to any edge receiver on one-one coverage. QB's can figure this out depending on how the safety reacts. You can see the Broncos constantly shifting Decker to decode the type of coverage, Manning sees the safety to see what he's gonna do, probably bellows out some random dummy shit and bammo.

Final One:


Okay, notice how I show another I show another bunch formation. It's because the Bronco's offense loves to use this. WR1 uses a deep out, the one directly to the right on him goes vertical, and the deep left middle is left open for a deep in. The slot receiver closest to the Offensive Line tries to add to the safety's pressure. The running back is going to have to protect the passer at least once. The free safety may not give help on the tight end as they may try to guard the middle, and it could be a mismatch for the tight end as well. This can be music to Brent Celek's ears.

If it's TLDR, I basically said Mike McCoy can be a great coach for the Eagles because he's led no-name QB's to be better than they are, the mastermind of the Peyton Manning resurgence, and he has learned under great coaches.

He runs a pass offense manipulating safeties vertically, attacking horizontally. He may instill a downhill run offense, but likely would keep the same running scheme if he becomes an Eagles coach. He is a pretty good option at head coach. Brent Celek,Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson are perfect fits and I'd love to see how McCoy develops Nick Foles.

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