Bizarre Trend - Eagles Castoffs ALWAYS Promptly Return to Philly

With the news that Reid is going to the Chiefs... Has anyone noticed that every single time in recent years there's a high profile parting ways for the Eagles via cutting, trading or not re-signing someone, the person ALWAYS happens to have a road game in Philly the next season??

McNabb - McNabb miraculously gets shipped within the division before the 2010 season so he gets to visit us that year. Even though McNabb sucked that day, the Eagles sucked worse and McNabb gets to take shots after the game saying how dumb the Eagles were for letting him go.

Dawkins - He ends up 2000 miles away and 1 mile up on an AFC team who only visits Philly once every 8 years. Thank goodness the Eagles beat the Broncos or else all the writers would have blamed the loss on safety play.

Reid - Ditto for Andy Reid. Does anyone remember the last game against the Chiefs in Philly? I sure as hell don't. 2013 just has to be the year the stars align. We'll be hearing about this game much more than we want to in the coming months.

Akers - Comeon man! He has to return to Philly on the one day Alex Henery misses two catastrophic field goals. And then we have to hear fans complain about letting Akers go even though Akers also missed two field goals that day and in many close games the Eagles blew in his last 3 seasons in Philly.

Kolb - Not as important an example, but he gets traded to the Cardinals following the 2010 season and sure enough, the Cards are on the schedule visting Philly in 2011. And when Kolb isn't able to play due to injury, the football gods put him back on the schedule in 2012 and the Cards give us a sign of what the rest of the season would become. Though the 2012 game was in AZ.

And if we want to go back a few years earlier...

Owens - He signs on with Dallas after the Eagles cut him for the 2005 debacle and therefore gets to visit Philly the next season.

Anyway thanks for reading. Did I forget anyone? I just wanted to point this out because IMO it's mind blowing how this happens so often considering only 8 of the 32 teams have a road game in Philly each season. I find the reunions annoying because I don't like the distraction that comes with a previously important player (or coach) returning to Philly so soon. I don't want to hear all about the castoff in the days and months before the game, or in the broadcast. I just want to hear about the Eagles.

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