The Linc - Brian Dawkins has a favorite in Eagles DC search


Brian Dawkins Endorses Ed Donatell For Eagles Job - Birds 24/7
"When I first started coaching high school [after retirement] he was one of the very first people I called because I remembered some of the good techniques and drills that he would teach," said Dawkins. "That’s how much I respect him. I think he would be a great hire because he is able to get the best out of his guys. He puts them in a good position, gives them the tools and then lets them go play football."

Ravens LBs coach Ted Monachino latest candidate as Eagles' defensive coordinator search reaches Super Bowl week
For the second time in three years the Eagles are without a defensive coordinator as Super Bowl week opens. The delay in naming one has many speculating that new coach Chip Kelly has his eye on one of the assistant coaches preparing for Sunday’s championship. The Ravens and 49ers have two of the more renowned defenses in the NFL over the last decade, so it would make sense for the Eagles to focus on their staffs.

Chip Kelly's success no surprise to high school classmates and coach
Old friends from Manchester Central High School congregated in the corner of a popular bar in their hometown early Saturday afternoon of last weekend. The NHL appeared on one TV, college basketball on another. They didn't watch, save for a passing glance. Instead, they exchanged laughs and stories about hockey practices and late nights and their high school teammate "Chipper." "Chipper" is their name for Charles Kelly. In Philadelphia, he's known as Chip Kelly, the new head coach of the Eagles. His classmates watched Kelly's ascent, and they aren't surprised.

Chip Kelly’s First Quarterback At New Hampshire Talks The Eagles And Kelly’s Offense " CBS Philly
Before the rest of the football world found out about the wondrous offensive mind of new Eagles’ coach Chip Kelly, Ryan Day was the first quarterback to experience Kelly’s coaching acumen at New Hampshire.

Ray Lewis' passion, preparation drove his success | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Ray Diddy on Ray Lewis

Dear NFL Players: Top 5 Signs Your Internet Hottie Has a Beard | |
In the midst of all the Manti Te’o drama along with Redskins players getting duped by fake twitter accounts, it’s clear ya’ll need some tips determining who’s a real hottie and who’s a creepy bearded dude behind a sexy avatar. Look for these tell-tale signs before you decide to Brett Farve a girl that you meet on twitter

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