Allow the Foles/Vick battle to be settled on the field

My quick take on our QB situation

New Head Coach, new staff, starting from scratch. Whoever wins the starting job will have no doubt earned it as Chip is under pressure to turn a very proud franchise around (regardless of it being his 1st season in NFL, we need to see progression). I have confidence in both Vick and Foles, they will compete and Chip will make the correct decision. It's fair game.

However, he who wins the position battle should benefit TREMENDOUSLY from the gameplan of how LeSean McCoy will be used as this will be the key to our season (in my opinion of course).

I love Foles's upside and i'm all for developing young players especially at the QB position. We need to see him running with a healthy starting squad and Kelly will be able to make his evaluations. However, I do not want to see Foles throwing the ball 35-40+ times a game.

Now Vick, though he is a gamble there is no doubt he is a playmaker. The same way he can make a bonehead mistake, he can shake defenders and scramble for vital 1st down gains. Some people say he has no upside, but i feel he's going to play very well and compete for the job without his "Andy blanket". I also do not want to see Vick throwing 35-40+ times a game.

I believe we'll be a short to intermediate route/screen play type of offense who can catch a defense off guard with the deep ball rather than chucking it just because we have the speed to.

What will make our offense great this season will primarily be the use of McCoy. We've been limiting his success (and the teams) with predictable shotgun formation runs for too long and really need to open the playbook to him, not so much the QB. I'm hoping we incorporate the I-Form/Heavy sets and allow McCoy to set the tone.

Regardless of which QB starts, neither should be throwing 35-40+ times a game. Foles is not in RG3/Luck/Wilson class and his arm should not be relied on. Help the kid out with one of the best RB's in the game. As for Vick, limiting his throws and combining him with a successful running team makes for an offense that will be very difficult to defend.

I find years past stats to almost be pointless in a discussion between who should start at the QB position for us THIS year especially with a new staff (I'm also posting this on the road via iphone and would rather wear cactus slippers before going into a statistical battle.. Call me lazy)

Good luck to both QB's, whoever wins the job will earn it as I confide in our new HC and we as die hard fans should have no problem backing them up.

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