LeQuan's Mock Offseason

Here's the Draft that we'll be operating under:

Eagles Mock Off-season (FA/Hirings):

HC:Chip Kelly

After seeing Star's epic post, Chip Kelly is the man.

Like in all other sports, I don't pay attention to college but he's made so much noise with Oregon that

they were one of the teams screwed in the no-playoff

system, always winning 11-12 games.

Now, with the Chip Kelly option, there's been rumblings

among those here in BGN that because Foles isn't a mobile

QB, he couldn't possibly run the Zone Read Offense.

I disagree with this assessment of Foles's play over the

last several regular season games.

In the 7 games played, he only had 11 rushing attempts

but for 42 yards for an average of 3.8 per rush and

five first downs.

I would compare Foles running, to a baseball analogy of

pitching around the .300 hitter for the .250 hitter.

The .250 hitter isn't likely to be a power hitter, he's

likely to be out most of the time. But he can still hit,

he can still hurt you.

In the Zone Read, they'll dare us to run with Foles and

maybe it won't get many yards. But it'll get just enough

yards to open up the RB, the WR, so many other things.

Also, he's 6'6. That means it'll be tough to bring him


The Zone Read isn't predicated on an athletic QB, it's

predicated on the Option being there. It's like the

Triangle Offense or the Princeton in the NBA.

There are options, some better than others. But

A 6'6 guy who can at least move around the pocket and

keep the play alive/get yards is not the worst thing in

the world.

And they can't stop our best options(Jackson, Maclin,

Shady/Brown) every play.

OC:Pete Carmicheal

Sean Peyton's enjoyed a lot of football success over the years and his assistants are worth

taking a look at. Its unclear how much of a role Peyton's assistants had in helping to orchestrate

the offense, but from all indications Peyton's no dictator. Pete probably made some of the

playcalls, understands how it works and its a proven system for success.

DC:Gregg Williams

Controversial as hell, one has to figure he learned his lesson/knows what he needs to do to

stay in the NFL, But an aggressive, hardhitting defense has to be what we need to be and he fits

the bill.

QB Coach:Hue Jackson

I want the best minds possible around Nick Foles, Hue Jackson's been a HC, he was a quarterback in

college and he's part(probably a huge part) of the resurgence of the Bengals. He's actually an under-the-radar type of guy for the coaching gig. Here's hoping we can interview him for this spot.

DB Coach: Todd Boweles

After the epic fail that was last year, under understandably difficult circumstances. He'd like to

go behind the background and let the NFL forget that actually happened, while keeping a paycheck.

The DB's were solid and I think he fits well there.

Special Teams Coach:

Herman Edwards

Herm's a no-bullshit type of guy, a guy that'll command effort and intensity and if you don't

follow through he'll spit ya out. It wears out on some players, but they need that right now.

Also, he played here so he knows how the city is and what the city expects.

Safety Coach:

Brian Dawkins/Monte Kiffin

Everyone loves B-Dawk, and he said he wanted to contribute to the team in some future capacity.

Why not now? Lord knows, these safeties need to learn how to Act The Fool. Oh, and hit hard.

If B-Dawk for some reason weren't to accept the position, Kiffin has been a defensive specialist

and I think he'd make a major impact here.

DL Coach:

Mike Singletary

More no-bullshiters, play hard for me or else type of guys.

And the few leftovers on the Eagles staff that are left(Think: Ted Williams, etc) are keepers.

Free Agency

**Eagles cut Michael Vick, Demetress Bell, Jason Avant, Cullen Jenkins, **


CB Nnamdi Asomugha-3 years, 18 million(6 Mill per)

Nnamdi is still a very good CB, he's no longer a shutdown guy and yes he'll get called for

penalties but I think with better players around him, he'll benefit.



DRC'S Reputation might've taken a bit of a hit and as such, we could probably re-sign him.

League FA'S

Dairus Byrd-MAX

The top safety available, and we may very well not get him. But there's no use in not trying.

Michael Adams(S)-4 Yrs,16 Million( 4 Mill per)

Michael Adams is one of the more physical safeties in the NFL with 165 combined tackles and 143 Solo

Tackles in his career. Think we could've used that? So do I.

Sherrod Martin(S)-4 Yrs,16 Million( 4 Mill per)

Same type of player as Adams actually, a very good cover safety that lays hard hits, he makes more

plays on the ball than Adams does though. Basically, if we don't get Byrd, the back-up plan is to

sign two starting caliber Safeties.

Having also drafted Elam, I think I vastly upgraded our secondary.

Dwyane Bowe(WR)-4 years, 36 Million(9 Mill per)

For my last marquee signing, Dwyane Bowe's known the lowly Kansas City Chiefs. He'd want to join a

team that's on the up and coming and is looking at the very least to getting back to the post-season.

As I said earlier this season, I was disgruntled with our receivers and how seemingly one-dimensional they

were. In my theoretical off-season, Bowe caps off the young added talent in Otten and Mellette

Hypothetical roster:


WR(6)-Bowe,Jackson,Maclin, Cooper,Johnson,McNutt(Mellette will probably be on the practice squad. Same as

possibly McNutt. So really, we'll carry 5 WR'S)

TE(3)-Celek, Harbor,Otten

RB(3)-Shady, Brown, Lewis(Polk struggled on S/T and Lewis serves a role there)

FB(2)-Havili,Igwenagu(It's worth noting that I think the FB'S will benefit from the Zone-Read)

Safety(6)-Adams, Martin, Elam,Allen, Coleman,Sims(as a S/T).

CB(4)-Asomugha, DRC, Trufant,Marsh

(With better safety help, these guys will be able to make the plays we know they can make)

O-Line(10)-Peters,Joeckel,Mathis, Herremans,Kelce, Jackson,Watkins,Scott,Kelly, Menkin

LB(5)-Ryans, Kendricks, Thomas, Akeem Jordan(ST)/Brian Rolle(ST)

DE(5)-Graham,Curry, Hunt, Tapp, Jones

DT(4)-Cox, Thornton, Dixon, Landri



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