Chip-tionary (Dictionary of Chip Kelly related terms)

Gone are the terms of the west coast offense. Fans wanted change and they got it! Andy Reid's offense was based on screens, curls, slants and dump off passes to RB in the flats. Now it is IZR, OZR, bubble screens, triple option, swinging gate and power running. The media and fans are getting the terminology all wrong and it's driving me nuts. I think this dictionary will help dispell a ton of myths, misstatements and incorrect analysis based upon those myths.

The real fun is finding out what elements of his offense are coming to Philadelphia. In my research, and Chip Kelly's own writings, Eagles will probably be a run first offense. If the Eagles have enough blockers for each defender in the box I would guess the Eagles will run Inside Zone, Outside Zone or Power Play. Chip Kelly emphasizes blocking techniques and creating mismatches and if it is 'hat on hat' he trusts his OL to block each defender and runs the ball.

This is my first draft and will be adding terms and pictures as they come. Please correct me or add terms in replies.


Blue-Collar Mentality

Chip Kelly describes his team at Oregon as "physical down hill running football team." Not a finesse team. He describes his OL as buying their clothes from True-Value. This not a trick-play, gimmick offense at its core, although the trick plays exist to keep the defense honest or to take advantage of numbers or to take advantage of surprise. People have really gotten this concept wrong and call Kelly's offense gimmicky and trick-play driven. For the most part Kelly relies upon his OL blowing the front seven off the line.

Blur Offense/Blur Attack/No Huddle/2 minute offense



Chip Kelly did not invent the fast no huddle offense, every NFL team uses it at the end of the first half or game to score quickly. He just uses it a lot more than any other team in NCAA and has the fastest time per snap of any coach. He describes it as a "red light" move slower and sort of huddle, "yellow light" fast but not super fast, and "green light" which is super fast and they use the famous placards with four pictures on it. The purpose of the changing speeds is for a slight advantage on the defense. If The defense thinks they are going to line up fast they will get on position quickly and offense will see their defense alignment and make audibles. If defense isn't ready then snap it fast. I'd guess this will work on NFL defenses, not as much as College but you do see defenses tired on long drives or end of games. The placards are a way to tell all 11 players quickly what play is. Will we see placards in NFL?

Bubble Screen

Pretty common, QB throws quickly to a WR out wide who may have other WRs to block. Often when DB can't tackle, plays off, or when safety is in box. Kelly requires his WR to block, which may lead to acquiring bigger receivers.

Fourth Down/going for it on Fourth and short near midfield

Chip Kelly nearly always went for the first down on fourth and short near midfield and even when in field goal range. Think about it... If your offense averages 4+ yards per game, and 90% of plays got 1 yard or more, and its fourth and 1, the odds of getting the first down are 90%, pretty good odds, right? Will he do it in NFL? Can the fans and media allow him to live if he loses a game because of it?

Inside Zone/IZ

The QB starts in the shotgun with the RB behind and to the side of him, QB hands the ball to the RB, the RB runs between tackle and guard, or cuts inside. It is designed as one cut and is usually run by Kelly when the offensive line has same number of blockers as defense or more. No read though QB hands off.

Inside Zone Read/IZR



Inside running play using zone blocking, where QB has an option of running or handing off. see The QB reads the defensive end, if DE moves to get the RB, the QB keeps ball and runs around him, if the DE stays flat then QB hands the ball to RB. This was the Ducks main play, but QB only averaged 8-10 run plays per game. Idea is that the QB is in a sense 'blocking' the DE because he is out of position to get the RB because of the fact that he has to mind the perimeter in case the QB keeps the ball.

Outside Zone Read/OZR

Outside running play using zone blocking. We've seen this play with McCoy, like an old school sweep but with cut back lanes.


Describes the offensive alignment where the QB starts in shotgun, one or more RBs start behind the QB.

Point after/After Point

see two point conversion.

Play Action Pass

Used often when the safeties are in box and Wr has single coverage. If you cover the WR one on one, throw it! DB can't cover them long without help. Because Kelly runs so much the safeties are creeping up to the line with the fake hand-off.

Power Play

Line up like IZR and guard pulls in front of RB between other guard and tackle.


Kelly believes that repetition is understanding and designs practice so there is no down time. If a player is confused don't hold up practice, pull him out and substitute.


As rarely as possible. Go for it if near midfield or closer. Does more fake punts than NFL.

Running QB/Tim Tebow

This is not a necessity for Kelly. He has stated that he wants a QB that can throw first, run second. He has reduced the QB runs for a talented passer that couldn't run, Darron Thomas who had a bad knee and had him run less. He is adaptable to the strengths of the players. If a QB can't run but is great passer, less QB runs. Kelly states that he does not run a Tim Tebow offense. Kelly has said that he prefers a passing QB that can make the right decisions. Obviously he knows what to do with a QB that runs well too.


Typically means many receivers to spread the defense out, often so the defense can't disguise their scheme in the box and to reduce their numbers in the box. Often Wr run go routes to clear the db and a safety or two.

Swinging Gate



This is an alignment for FG or after point attempt where long snapper and kicker are between the numbers and the rest of the line is outside the numbers. The long snapper is a registered receiver. This is an example of Kelly's aggressiveness and ability to innovate and try new things.

Triple Option/Triple Option Zone Read

This is a IZR or OZR with a second running back trailing behind the QB for a toss, and if the QB does not give it to the first running back looks like a normal option.

Two Point Conversion

Kelly goes for two often. This is a number game, if your offense is getting 5 yards on most plays, odds are good. Will he bring that element of aggressiveness and risk? I think he might? Will he survive media scrutiny, who knows?

Zone Blocking/ZB

Eagles have used it, Broncos use it. It is a blocking scheme for the OL in running plays, that can be simpler than normal schemes and create more cutback lanes. There are many different kinds but they generally push the defenders to the side toward the sideline, rather than creating a hole in the middle by center blocking one way and guard another. Typically it emphasizes smaller more athletic OL because they are asked to move rather than just flatten the guy in front of them. How is this different from Mudd's scheme, I've no idea. Maybe an X and O guy can explain it. Wiki Link Here.

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