Trying to fulfill Chip's Vision

New Eagles Mock(Embracing the Chip Kelly Era)

Chip's a very great guy. Smart, intelligent wants to

win. And as such, I'll do my best to make the best mock


Eagles trade:

DE Trent Cole

Buffalo trades:

100th overall(4th round selection)

Buffalo needs or probably wants a second DE next to

Mario Williams. Cole had a poor year, but perhaps he

can rebound in a new system.

As for us, we have young depth at that position that's

showed promise and potential. Its time to get Curry/Graham some major snaps.

#4 Dee Milliner CB-Alabama

Standing at 6'1, he really closes the gaps well and

hits HARD. Quite to the contrary of some others(Cough,

Nmandi, cough.) This pick makes letting Nmandi go an

easy decision. Nmandi was simply very over-rated and

a costly mistake for Eagles Nation.

#35 Robert Woods WR-USC

Chip loves speed, this kid's explosive in both speed

and leaping ability. According to scouting reports, the

blocking ability for a WR is there but it just has to

be brought out. Looking for a compliment to Desean/Maclin

I was hoping for a more bigger WR target but this

kid's good too.

#72 Justin Pugh LT-Syracuse

Touted as the best LT in Syracuse history, Pugh stands

at 6-5, 298 pounds. The argument is that he has to

get bigger, but he's got good foot coordination and he

can push the block. Things that are essential in a Kelly


#96 Jamie Collins, OLB-Southern Miss

Fast, fast, fast. Also incredibly fit for the OLB in any

system(In fact, Southern Miss ran a hybrid defense).

Runnin a 4.5 on the 40, having made the All-Conference

USA First Team he led the nation in tackles for loss

with 20. YES, 20! As well as 10 sacks, which was

third in the conference.

#100(Via Buffalo) Tyrann Mathieu CB-LSU

The Honey Badger's gonna have to prove that he's ready for the NFL. That he's corporated with authorities

but if he does well on his interviews, this is a guy Chip would love to take. He talked about

having an attacking defense with speed and that's what Mathieu does. He also has been groomed to

be a special teams monster, so he can help out there as well.

#127 Terron Armstead T/G-Arkansas Pine-Bluff

He's more like a Guard, and a very good one. Has the agility to move up and block to the second

level. He weighs at a very nice thick 300 pounds. Another Kelly type of lineman that can play

physical, fast and hard.

#161 Quinn Sharp P-Oklahoma State

Arguably the best kicker in the Nation(45 Yards per). He could also double as a reserve kicker(11.7 Scoring

average). That kind of versatility earns him a top-5 pick in the sixth round.

#192 Bruce Taylor ILB-Virginia Tech

Kid's a pure LB, he sheds blocks incredibly well and he plays the run exceptionally well too. What

drops his draft stock is the fact that he doesn't appear to have alot of upside, nor is he a guy you want

playing in space. But I think along with Collins, we really strengthened our linebackers on draft day


#212 Jonathan Cyprien SS-FIU

In my previous mock, I wanted to take a flier on this kid and I still do. Seventh round, safety's a

position of need. Why not?

Post-mock thoughts:

With news that we're switching to a 3-4 defense, I wanted to nab fast, strong and hard hitting linebackers

and I think I did that. In addition, Chip Kelly wants speed on both sides of the ball, so I targeted

Offensive linemen who could move up to the second level and create space for Shady/Brown.

Woods is the BPA at the second round, ALA Curry last year and he's too talented not to take him.

The money that would've been invested in Nnamdi can now go to the O-Line or Safety spot. It's not that

free agency in of itself is a bad thing, it's that FA completes a team, it doesn't build it. That's what

the draft is for.

I think this draft helped to supplement and build a winning culture here. And I think my mocks have

gotten better each time I posted one.

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