Offseason - Rebuilding the D

Had written this back when I thought Kelly was a sure thing. Now we got em =D.

I love the dynamic between Chip and Howie. As it seems, Roseman will handle the majority of the personnel. I think he will focus almost solely on the defense this offseason (I've never seen a worse defense than last year's) but will add a couple of weapons to keep Chip happy.

Sign: Louis Delmas , Anthony Spencer, Jared Cook, Malcolm Floyd, Ryan Harris, Jake Scot, DRC

  • Louis Delmas - should come a lot cheaper than the top tier safeties because of his injury history. I would love to get the safety from ATL or Jarius Byrd, but I think they stay where they are.
  • Anthony Spencer - is the big signing this off-season as he will help solidify our new 34 defense. I like Shaun Philips of SD as a cheaper alternative
  • Malcolm Floyd - I think Floyd would be a great compliment to Desean and Maclin and adds WR depth. I also like Tedd Ginn for Kelly's offense
  • Jared Cook - I think Brent Celek is one of the most overrated players on this team, solid backup but drops far too many passes and misses way too many blocks. Cook is very underrated, star in the right situation
  • Harris and Scott add OL depth.

Trade: Trent Cole for a 3rd and 4th

  • I just don't see where he fits in a 34.

Cut: Nnamdi Asomugha, Demetress Bell, Philip Hunt, Mike Patterson, Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman

  • I keep Mike Vick because Andy made you all delusional. I've been screaming what I heard Jerry Rice said on sports center this morning: everyone wanted to make Mike a pocket passer, HE IS NOT THAT. When he took over for Kolb he was himself running around making plays. When Andy started to forced him to stay in the pocket, it was a disaster. On top of that, I have little doubt that the struggles the OL had effected his awareness, accuracy, timing, you name it. He'll bounce back with a coach that knows how to adjust.

1) Star Lotulelei, NT, Utah

2) E.J. Manuel, QB, Florida State

  • Big, tall, strong armed, ATHLETIC QB. Foles doesn't have the *zip* on his ball to make him an above avg QB, this kid has all the tools. Would allow us to trade/cut Vick.

3) Carrington Byndom, CB, Texas

3) Michael Buchanan, OLB, Illinois

4) Phillip Thomas, S, Fresno State

4) Kyle Long, OT, Oregon

5) Margus Hunt, DE, SMU

6) Branden Smith, CB, Georgia

6) Ryan Allen, P, Louisiana Tech

7) Shamarko Thomas, Safety, Syracuse

QB) Vick, Mannuel, Foles

RB) McCoy, Brown, Lewis

FB) Havali

TE) Cook, Celek, Harbor

WR) Jackson, Maclin, Floyd, Avant, Cooper, Ginn

LT) Peters, Kelly

LG) Mathis, Scott

C) Kelce, *freeagent*

RG) Herremans, Watkins

RT) Long, Harris


LE) Cox, Thorton

NT) Lotulelei, Dixon, *freeagent*

RE) Jenkins, Hunt

LOLB) Spencer, Curry

MLB) Ryans, Kendricks, Matthews

ROLB) Graham, *freeagent*

CB) DRC, Byndom, Boykin, Marsh, Smith

FS) Delmas, Anderson

SS) Thomas, Thomas

K) Henery

P) Allen

LS) Doronbos

Im very interested in what everyone wants to happen in the 1st. I like 1) Luke 2) Star 3) Milliner. I've also heard Geno Smith and Jarvis Jones or even trade down because there are so many needs. I obviously want Star but also wouldnt mind Milliner.

  • don't like Geno (cant take a risk this high)
  • thinking Andy will take Jockel #1 (grr)
  • Jac or Oak might nab Star :'(
  • thinking 4 might be a reach for Milliner

This is my first post. Civil feedback is much appreciated lol. Thanks!

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