Recapping The Chip Kelly Hire Madness

Today was absolute madness. The Eagles long coaching search ended in a fashion no one saw coming.

It originally looked like Gus Bradley was going to be the new Eagles HC yesterday, but then it was reported he was leaving to visit the Jacksonville Jaguars this morning. Oh, and then the Eagles hired some guy named Chip Kelly around noon.

But how did it all happen? Allow me to recap this exciting day for archival purposes and those of you who may have missed how it happened exactly.


It all started this morning after news that Bradley was going to Jacksonville.

Then I saw this:

And then

I asked Tim what he meant by quiet. "Too quiet" as in something suspicious going on, or "quiet" as in not much going on? He responded with "We shall see." Needless to say, I was intrigued.

Then Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly tweeted

And McManus retweeted this, which seemed to confirm the "too quiet" notion I asked about.

Shortly after seeing this I noted

It was the calm before the storm.

Then, for no good reason at all, I randomly decided to turn 97.5 The Fanatic on to see what they were saying about Gus Bradley leaving Philly without a deal. And shortly after ...

Then Mort made it official:

VERY shortly after Mort tweeted this, McManus sent out a tweet of his own saying "I'm hearing Kelly" which makes me believe McManus had the story all along and was just waiting for confirmation on it. Great work by Tim.

In some ways, it was a lot like the Nnamdi signing in the way it went down. It just came out of no where and excited everyone. It made for a huge twitter explosion and a really fun day.

Here's to remembering it and hoping Chip Kelly will be successful here.


And on a side note, if you'll allow me to sing my own praises on this one...

I wrote this just the other day

I’m really certain the Eagles are just going to hire someone no one has really talked about because that would be the most Eagles thing to do. Not necessarily good or bad, but at this point I’d almost be more surprised if they hired an "obvious’ choice (Bradley, etc).


Some of these names seem like "obvious" choices. They're candidates with experience, success, and (seemingly) potential. But the longer this search goes on, the more I'm believing the Eagles are going to hire someone who's name hasn't been thrown around as much as these other guys. I don't have much reason to support this belief - just a feeling I have. Let's not forget that the great Andy Reid himself was a surprise hire.

Now obviously I didn't call the Kelly hire itself. And obviously Chip was a top candidate for the Eagles before it was reported that he was returning to Oregon. But still - I just had a feeling the Eagles had a trick up their sleeves and I was right about that much. So now you can feel free to insult me for being that "I told you so" guy!

Oh and I almost forgot:


(H/T @DerromeDix)

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