Frozen in Time

So I was like all excited about Gus last night... and you know, the Eagles disappointed us once again with no news last night... and this morning I was like, whatever dude, I don't give a fuq... and then, well let me go on a tangent for a second...

So I was feeling a little bit like that about the Eagles and their coaching search... and then...

And then... and then... and then... and then... and then... and then... and then... and then... and then... and then...

and then... and then, nothing....

I really don't want to talk about it... I mean, I don't know what to say anymore... I have a lot to say, but nothing's coming out... I knew there was a reason we were prematurely celebrating yesterday, I just didn't what it was. I even said, I'm not sure what we're celebrating, but we're celebrating. I had no idea fellas. No idea. I'm getting a little choked up right now... trying to hold back these tears... I mean, the one thing we all have in common here is that we love our Eagles to death. And the only thing we've wanted.... the only thing... hold on... the only thing we've wanted is to win for once. See what it feels like. I mean, we've all been through the excitement couple years ago with all those free agents and that was going to be it... and then reality serves us with a few helpings of some humble pie... but at that time we didn't know why it was happening, what it was all leading up to...

So I learned my lesson... and I'm not gonna get all excited... no I'm not... cuz the pain I've felt... I'm just gonna calmly walk into the endzone and hand the referee the ball... because I know the road is long and narrow... I know.

I heard we hired a coach today... I can't think of his name right now... but it'll come back to me... and I know BGN blew up today... but bitchesss, we already knew this shit was coming yesterday, and we celebrated like there was no tomorrow.... but there was a tomorrow, and it was today... and it was just a formality. No one is bigger than the Eagles, no player, no front office personnel or no coach. I have one word to say to you Chipper... you better not fuck this up, otherwise I'll fuck you up... and that's all I got to say. Don't play with our fucking emotions... bring us the Lombardi this year... yes, this year bitch... you need to do this now... there is no tomorrow... this fucking year. We need to win now.... now or never... or at least get more than 4 wins.... I'll cut you some slack... but, I want you to keep one thing in mind Chippy... you might have been the shit in Oregone... but you ain't shit here... this is Philly bitch.... you better wipe that smirk off your face and get to work... I'm not fucking around here.... this serious right now, heart to heart... we need a Super Bowl C, I know you got that fancy offense and whatever it is... but it don't matter to me. We need to win the Super Bowl.... and the sooner the better... take your couple years to get your shit together and let's win this thing. The honeymoon is over right now...

Anyways... so where was I... so we got Chip "fucking" Kelly Kapowski ??? Oh my god, hold on folks... cuz I missed the party today, a little thing called work I was at... no Kbyars I wasn't running the street and getting picked up by whatever you said... I was fucking working dude... and I need to work from monday to friday so I can enjoy my Eagles on Sunday... so I found out around lunch time... that this shit went down... and I was like, wthhhhhhhhhefuck... one day... we prematurely djackulated by one fucking day... I wanted to scream right there... but it wasn't possible, so I held that shit in... and now I'm here to party... now I know I missed the actual party and I wish I could have been there... but I'm here for the after party.... let's party like there's no tomorrow bitchesss... let's go, who's with me ? I mean... chip fucking kelly kapowski... i mean, i mean... what the fuck... am i at a 150 words yet ? Oh fuck, it's 752 words.... publish this shit !!!

This is how I really feel about you Chip Kelly... I was just busting your balls earlier... welcome to philly...

And after the show it's the after party, and after the party it's the.....

Yeaaaah..... mmmmm... ya feel me bgn ???


Special request by G00SE

And the beat must go on...

are there any words to express our joy ???

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